A Monthly Hero Profile: Bill and Kim Penn

How did you become interested/connected to Water Street Mission?

We had heard from family and friends about how Water Street was truly a mission that made a difference in the community. Not only do they provide emergency shelter, feed the hungry, offer a health clinic, but they also provide a mentoring program for teens and education for Pre-K and Kindergarteners, which we feel is vital today.

What excites you the most about our work?

Individuals in the residential programs are given counseling, an action plan, and offered career training so that they can envision a future full of unlimited possibilities. This is something that makes Water Street Mission stand out among other programs.

What made you want to support us financially?

We wanted to be a part of something locally; a place where we could really see that the services and programs offered were truly making a difference. At Water Street Mission, one can witness that lives are being restored every day.

Why did you decide to become a Monthly Hero?

After careful consideration and prayer, we decided that Water Street Mission was something we both felt called to support, and we encourage others to do, as well.