Stepping Up

Constant shifting with COVID-19 has meant our campus is finding new ways to adapt each week. Many of our guests feel the impact of these changes and challenges, but are also finding ways to show their care and love. For Jennifer, that’s meant reaching out past Water Street to those most vulnerable in our community. […]

Reclaiming Joy

In high school, Sharon was one of those teenagers who exuded confidence. She was a daddy’s girl, a cheerleader, and with her family behind her, it seemed like nothing could stand in her way. She joined the military and fell in love with her career, but found something she loved even more when she met […]

Determined To Change

John came to Water Street thinking he would get in, get what he needed, and get out. “My plan at the time was I’ll go, get warm, get some food, get a job, and go back to what I was doing.” Little did he know it would turn into so much more. At a young […]

Listening To A New Sound

For years, stability didn’t seem attainable to Roger. No matter where he went, running away from his childhood and joining the military, or starting a new life outside of Lancaster County, he couldn’t escape the same sound chasing him his whole life. It was the sound of his mother’s voice, riddling him with self-doubt. “I […]

Miles from Where He Started

“I’ll just keep running away, you know,” Max would say to his guardians. As a young ward of the state, he was always trying to escape. It was an ugly place to grow up, full of neglect and abuse. At no more than nine years old, Max ran away again, traveling over 100 miles all […]

On the Other Side of Water Street’s Residential Program

We last heard from Sadé in 2019, featured in the Fall Messenger Edition. Back then, overcoming the abuse she received as a child, had often left her feeling like she was “drowning in darkness.” But she was never one to back down from a challenge. Instead, she worked hard, and leaned on God, building up […]

A Piece of the Puzzle

Many times, the stories we tell are complex. Guests come to us from across Lancaster County for different reasons, and those reasons aren’t always easily understood. Recently a guest named Jim* came to us battling severe mental illness. He used to be a music producer, and wrote songs for top bands across the country, living […]

Becoming Maribella

Maribella* opened her book, and read aloud in class. At the beginning of the year, she struggled to remember the sounds to each letter. Now, she opens the Dr. Seuss classic, Green Eggs and Ham, and tears through the pages, reading faster and faster with every turn. While it may be commonplace to see children […]

A Fresh Start Through Forgiveness

When Daniel first came to Water Street back in 2018, life had brought him to the brink. “I thought I was broken. I thought I was broken beyond repair. And I wasn’t ever going to be able to accomplish anything important. And that really weighed on me.” Little did he know then how much things would […]

In the Midst of Cancer…Finding Peace

Michael came to Water Street looking for some temporary respite. He didn’t know how long it would take to find that rest, but when he made his way to Water Street Health Services, just a short walk from where he was staying on our campus, he began to learn how much more complicated his journey […]