See The Renovation of Our Family Residential Common Space!

We recently finished our renovation of the Family Residential common space on campus! These newly designed areas are even better suited to be a place of rest for moms and children while they take part in the inner work of healing through classes and counseling. It’s safe, inviting, and better equipped for kids to do homework, […]

Shelters in Lancaster: The Role of Water Street’s Residential Program When it comes to shelters in Lancaster, there are several local non-profits offering a variety of shelters; from family shelters, low-barrier shelters, shelters for women only, men only, and more. Regardless of what kind of shelter you are looking for and if you’re staying at one for the first time or not, experiencing homelessness […]

Sixteen Years Of Caring From The Heart

Carol and Susan are two of our most dedicated volunteers.  They’ve been helping us sort clothing since we had a thrift store open to the public 16 years ago. “When we were open all those years, you really got to know the people in the community,” says Susan.  At one point, soap was hard to […]

The Shopping Experience at Water Street’s Food Bank in Lancaster

Water Street's Food Bank in Lancaster, PA Coming to a food bank can be a big step for many of our neighbors. Many in our Lancaster community face difficult decisions between paying rent and buying groceries, and it’s important for us to make sure everyone who’s visiting Water Street’s food bank in Lancaster feel comfortable as they shop for their families.  Here’s […]

The 5 Most Needed Items at Water Street’s Food Bank in Lancaster This Season

Food bank in Lancaster, PA

This holiday season alone, we will serve nearly 27,000 meals to people experiencing homelessness. Additionally, we will give thousands of bags of groceries to our community members in need through our food bank in Lancaster.  “We are excited to raise over 110,000 pounds of food this year, with all of your help,” says Kerry Brubaker, […]

Where Can I Go if I Am Homeless in Lancaster, PA?

homeless in Lancaster, PA. If you or someone you know has been evicted from their home and is currently experiencing homelessness in Lancaster, PA, there are resources available. The journey out of homelessness often begins with a hot meal and a safe place to sleep, and in Lancaster, there are a handful of shelters offering help for individuals […]

5 Things to Know About Free Medical Clinics in Lancaster, PA Going through health issues is hard, no matter what the circumstances may be. For those experiencing homelessness or struggling to make ends meet, it can add to an already heavy load of burdens. There are a couple of free medical clinics in Lancaster, PA offering help and critical care to those in our community […]

Why Sharon and Patricia Volunteer at Water Street Mission

If you visit the dining hall on a Thursday around lunch, odds are you’ll meet Sharon Burnside and Patricia McBride, two of our longtime friends who volunteer at Water Street Mission. Sharon has been serving at Water Street for six years, Patricia since 2011. Consistency comes to mind when talking to the two. When asked […]

6 Frequently Asked Questions About Women’s Shelter in Lancaster, PA

Being in a situation where you could lose your housing can feel so overwhelming and very scary but there are many options and services available to women and children seeking shelter in Lancaster Pennsylvania. At Water Street Mission we want you to feel welcome and safe and know that you are not alone. Lillie Otte, […]