Finding Peace in the Pieces

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33

We are all seekers of peace. In our daily lives, peace is something that we are constantly grasping for. We say things like, “If I just finish these tasks…”, “If I just accomplish this goal…”, “If I just had this thing…” I would find peace. Sometimes life makes you feel like you’re in pieces and maybe if you just put in the time and the work you could gather all the pieces up and make yourself whole. Maybe you could attain peace on your own. Time and time again as we reach and grab for peace we find it is not something we can attain alone.

At Water Street, we know that the giver of peace is God, that in Him we will find the peace we are looking for. When life feels like we are shattered to pieces God comes in and scoops up all the parts making use whole. We can keep trying to fit all of life together on our own but we continue to find that true constant peace is only found in Jesus Christ.

When God entered into the midst of humanity as a baby He began to bring peace to earth. In the birth of Jesus Christ, we find a peace that we can’t find without Him. When the world felt like it was in pieces for God’s people, He entered into the chaos as His Son to bring peace to the world. The world may continue to push us on our backs but we know that Jesus overcame the world, that no matter what comes He is here with us and He is bringing peace.

At Water Street we love to see our residents and staff continue to find their peace in Jesus, there is something so freeing and comforting when we stop trying to make peace happen on our own. One resident put it this way, “There is a peace that is covering my heart from the love I receive from Staff and Volunteers here at Water Street.” We know that the peace our residents feel is from God and that He is here meeting each of us where we are at ready to extend His arms in love and peace. Will you seek to find your peace in Jesus this Christmas season?