5 Things to Know About Free Medical Clinics in Lancaster, PA

Going through health issues is hard, no matter what the circumstances may be. For those experiencing homelessness or struggling to make ends meet, it can add to an already heavy load of burdens. There are a couple of free medical clinics in Lancaster, PA offering help and critical care to those in our community who need it the most.

Here are 5 things to know about free medical clinics in Lancaster, PA.

#1 – Can I get free medical help in Lancaster, PA?

The short answer is yes, there are opportunities for individuals to get free medical help in the area.

Water Street Health Services is one of the places you can visit in Lancaster County to receive free medical help. We provide services at no cost for individuals with limited healthcare options as a tangible expression of the love of Jesus Christ.

The first step for all potential patients is to register for services. This process must be completed in person at our campus at 210 South Prince Street, Lancaster PA 17603.

Although free medical clinics in Lancaster, PA vary in how they operate, please note that here at Water Street, we do not provide emergency care or walk-in appointments.

#2 – How do I know if I am eligible to receive services?

There are a few requirements all qualified patients need to meet in order to receive services at free medical clinics in Lancaster, PA. These things generally apply for most clinics, including our downtown clinic here are Water Street. You need to be a:

·         Member of the community with low to no income

·         Lancaster County resident

·         18 years or older

To ensure those who are most in need are able to get critical care, we serve those with an income up to 250% of the federal poverty line. We want those who are most vulnerable to find hope for a healthy future and support in conquering each health battle.

#3 – What types of services do free medical clinics offer?

Clinics are often different when it comes to what they offer.

At Water Street Health Services, we provide primary care medical services, and we aim to be a relational medical facility that puts the individual patient first. That means giving you as much time as you need with a doctor. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable and take plenty of time to discuss your medical history with a doctor so we can best support you.

#4 – What do I bring to my appointment?

Most free clinics require a current photo ID as well as proof of residency to complete the registration process. To best help you prepare for your appointment, here are some of the documents healthcare professionals often ask you to bring:

• Current photo ID – acceptable proofs of identification include valid PA driver’s license or PA ID, valid green card, visa, or permanent resident card.

• Proof of residency – Envelope of mail with name and current address, such as utility bills or rent receipts.

• Proof of income for all contributing household members (if applicable) – This can include checks or paystubs, business records and receipts if you’re self-employed, social security, unemployment or workers compensation, pension award letter or check stubs.

This applies to our free clinic as well. For your first appointment, our front desk staff will give you an application to complete. If you’re not able to fill out or gather all details right away, that is ok. We will give you a follow-up appointment date when you can get all your information in.

#5 – Is there a waitlist at free medical clinics in Lancaster, PA?

At Water Street Health Services, we currently do not have a waitlist. When you are approved for services after completing your application, you will be scheduled with a provider within the following two weeks.

Again, free medical clinics may differ in how they operate. To find out if other free clinics in the area have a waitlist, reach out online or by giving them a call.