It Takes A Community

It could have been the aroma of homemade, fried chicken on the stove top, the taste of sweet, peach cobbler, the sound of infectious laughter, or maybe it was the sight of dozens of shoes piled by the front door. There was just something that brought so much warmth, so much love into the room. A humble, compassion, and resilient women, Francis Ransome, opened the doors, of her first home in over twenty-five years, to the people who God used to carry her to where she is today. Mentors, pastors, case workers, and friends of Water Street Mission gathered with tears and pride in their eyes.

Francis spent years of her life running away from God and His call on her life. She sought out anything to find the worth and affirmation she desired. Drugs and alcohol had a stronghold over her, powering her motives and desires. Francis opened with, “Sometimes when your children call you, as a mother, you drop everything.” Francis left New York, left everything she knew to be in Pennsylvania. Before too long, her daughter’s landlord expressed that Francis was breaching her daughter’s lease and she had to leave. And just like that, in the peak of Winter, Francis was left to the streets of an unknown city.

“Ultimately, what changed my life was the chance to find Christ”

“When I first went to CHOC (Water Street Mission’s emergency shelter), I was disgusted by the people who surrounded me. My heart was hard. Judgement and entitlement filled me. Once I began to look at myself, I realized that these were people in my same situation.” After this conviction, Francis immediately wanted more for her life. She poured her time into the chapel services, devotions, and classes that Water Street Mission had to offer.

“Christ is in the center of everything. That is what is so different about Water Street Mission. In Health Services, they pray for you. In Food Services, they pray for you. In the Enrichment Center, they taught me how to make a resume and use a computer, but also how to grow closer to my Savior… Ultimately, what changed my life was the chance to find Christ. I was given the chance to find Christ.”

Today, Francis is working full-time as a care provider and going to school for her Nurse Assistant Certification. She loves to fill her new home with as many of her family and friends as she can. She continually attests to the faithfulness of God that she has seen through each season of her life. Romans 5:21 – “Now the law came in to increase the trespass, but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more, so that, as sin reigned in death, grace also might reign through righteousness leading to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” No matter how deep in the power of sin our rebelliousness has drove us to, in Christ, grace abounded all the more in order that righteousness, rather than sin, and life, rather than death, might have the final word.