Jesus Christ the Ultimate Restorer

“We have been waiting with hearts wide open, hoping for our Savior and our Lord.”

The past few weeks of Advent have been full of waiting for the celebration of the birth of Christ. In the season of busyness, we have stopped our hearts in preparation for the coming of our King. It is easy in the mayhem and madness to forget the stillness of this season. There is so much love, joy, and peace when we look back on the birth of Jesus Christ. In that pinnacle, yet still and small, moment the answer to hundreds of years of anticipation and waiting entered the world as a tiny baby. The God of all creation came into humanity as a delicate infant.

Just as the birth of Christ was an unexpected answer to a long awaited question, we know that God has the answers to our prayers and needs, even when it comes outside our timelines of expectation. We know God is still coming through in the waiting of our unanswered questions of 2017. When Christ entered the world the tangible hope of restoration began. That small baby would lead a life, death, and resurrection that would transform the world. Amidst the Christmas story a slow and silent revolution of change and restoration was building. While we celebrate and reflect on the birth of Christ and the life, death, and resurrection in Him may we continue to anticipate the goodness of God to come.

As we look to 2018 this Christmas season, may we never forget the ways God has come through for us in our past and in the collective redemption story between God and His people. We are all on different journeys and 2017 looked different for each of us. Whether triumph or trial will we look to God in anticipation for what He is going to do in and through our lives? Can we look beyond the present and the past with anticipation for all that is ahead? May we encounter His peace, joy, and love in our hearts as He continues to walk out our story of restoration with us.

We are looking forward to all that God has in 2018 for each of us and for Water Street Mission as a whole. We pray that wherever life is finding you this Christmas season that you will experience the love that Christ has for you, that you will know His peace, that you feel His joy.