Renewed Strength

Gertina had reached the point of exhaustion. Growing up in New York and raising a family in a dangerous area, situations had led her to relocate to Lancaster in hopes of a better life for her children. Instead, her depression worsened and her living conditions became increasingly unstable as she bounced from apartment to apartment. Gertina was on a path without hope till the day she decided to come to Water Street for help.

“Before I came to Water Street I was depressed. I couldn’t find myself. I wanted to hurt myself. Water Street opened my eyes and said, ‘you cannot hurt yourself. You have to wake up, you have your kids to look after.”

“Before I came to Water Street I was depressed. I couldn’t find myself. I wanted to hurt myself.”

At Water Street, Gertina found the support and dignity she needed to overcome her obstacles. She was able to open up and share her inner struggles. Through a difficult life journey – including the devastating loss of a daughter – Gertina had lost her faith in God. Her Life Coach and Case Manager listened, comforted her when she cried, and helped her recognize the root causes of her homelessness and rediscover her true identity in Christ.

Pastor Booth’s classes and the Christ-centered atmosphere of our campus helped Gertina feel comfortable enough to start reading her Bible again. She began to see Jesus in a new way and rekindle the relationship she had lost with God.
As her spiritual foundation strengthened, the staff supported Gertina in building life skills and a network of support. Being at Water Street provided what Gertina needed to restart her life. “I found a lot of people to help me. They never disrespected me or told me I couldn’t do something. They helped me all the way.”

Gertina’s confidence has continued to increase and she now loves her Bible and reads it every day. She is thankful for Water Street and the people that took the time to really listen to her, “Water Street is the best place to be. They will do a lot for you. They will listen to you … They do the best they can to be by your side.”

She has plans to get an apartment when she is ready to move on from Water Street. She looks forward to visiting New York and to taking care of her family again. Thanks to those who support Water Street through their prayers, volunteering, and generous gifts, Gertina no longer thinks about hurting herself. She has a bright future and renewed strength for her journey.