Stepping Up

Constant shifting with COVID-19 has meant our campus is finding new ways to adapt each week. Many of our guests feel the impact of these changes and challenges, but are also finding ways to show their care and love.

For Jennifer, that’s meant reaching out past Water Street to those most vulnerable in our community. From working in nursing care, she knew that many living with dementia and Alzheimer’s wouldn’t understand the sudden stop in family visitors. So she decided to do something about it.

“I feel that God has wrapped His arms around us, as much as He possibly can.”

Together, she and her 2 youngest kids began making individual coloring pages and letters. So far they have drawn 95 pictures total, each with a personal note, and delivered to a local nursing home.

On campus, Jennifer is staying connected with her life coaches and case managers every day, often virtually or through phone and text. But as a floor monitor, she is also playing a big role in caring for other moms on her floor.

Before the pandemic spread, she expressed how she “kept praying and praying” that God would help bring them unity. And to her surprise, COVID-19 is actually connecting them in new ways. They’ve come together to celebrate birthdays, checking in on one another and making sure everyone is safe. “You have to take the good with the bad,” she explains, “Yea there is a virus going around, yea the kids are out of school, everybody’s stressed out – but it has made everybody on our floor closer.”

In this time of adversity for her and her family, Jennifer is stepping up – being a leader and a friend – and doing what she can to lift up others. She is continuing to pray and rely on God’s provision for her family, giving her what she needs day by day. “I feel that God has wrapped His arms around us, as much as He possibly can,” she says.