Shaping Young Minds: The Impact of Wonder Academy’s Preschool and Kindergarten Program

Nicholle “Miss Nikki” Norton, in her 19th year of teaching at Wonder Academy, shares about the impact Wonder Academy’s preschool and kindergarten program have had on some of her students over the years.

“As I go out in my community, I have noticed that I’m running more and more into my former students”, Nikki shares. 

In her community, she’s seeing glimpses of the impact Wonder Academy’s preschool and kindergarten program has had on her students right here in Lancaster, from meeting former students in grocery stores, doctors offices, and even in church. 

“I’ve had the opportunity to talk to them about what they’re doing now. I recently ran into one of my students who shared she got accepted into a master’s program that she’s always wanted to get into.” 

But it’s not just the academic results and how students are working hard to succeed professionally she’s seeing. 

A love of God, learning and people 

The preschool and kindergarten program emphasizes the development of core academic skills, such as literacy and numeracy, through creative and engaging teaching methods. Beyond the academics, children learn the values of empathy, respect, and community through stories, activities, and nurturing guidance from dedicated teachers who love Jesus.

“Our mission at Wonder Academy is to establish a love of God, a love of learning, and a love of people. And I’ve seen that in the community. I had another student; I was at church, and I looked up, and there was my former student singing in the choir, and I got to see her worshipping the Lord.”

At its core, Wonder Academy embodies a mission to foster an environment where children can explore and grow this love. Our preschool and kindergarten program places a significant emphasis on early intervention, targeting Pre-K and Kindergarten-aged students at a pivotal moment in their educational and spiritual journeys. 

A foundation for lifelong learning 

By focusing on these critical early years, Wonder Academy, sets a foundation for lifelong learning, emphasizing the importance of nurturing both the mind and the spirit. 

“It’s really good to see after 19 years of watching our students grow and learn, in various ways I’ve seen the impact Wonder Academy has had on this community. 

Wonder Academy is a ministry of Water Street Mission, made possible through our partners and and many generous businesses that give through EITC gifts.