October 2016

  1. Prayer & Praise Dr. Baird is expecting in April!
  2. Prayer for Janae Allgire as she attends a training in Vermont that will bring new services to Water Street.
  3. Praise as Health Services moves forward in our partnership with the Naaman Center
  4. Prayer for the upcoming marriage of volunteer coordinator Katie Brumbach
  5. Prayer for Health Services admin Tetyana Hershey, as she and her family were recently in a car accident.
  6. Please pray for an Administrative Assistant in the Access Center who’s recovering from surgery.
  7. Pray for the case management team as we look to hire a new female case manager. Pray for just the right person to join our team and grace for the managers who are picking up the extra caseload in this season.
  8. Wisdom for our staff as they try to balance grace and accountability each day as we walk with our guests.
  9. Praising God for sending us a great person to move into the Donor Development Role and the Donor Engagement Specialist role.
  10. Celebrating with one of our young guests who was able to quote 4 verses to me in August and added a 5th verse to her repertoire this month J
  11. Thankful for the increase in volunteers in the kitchen, especially during the early morning breakfast shifts
  12. Pray for strong candidates with a Human Services background willing to serve as Life Coaches and Case Managers
  13. Pray for health as cold season is coming upon us.
  14. Praise for a successful inaugural awards banquet
  15. Praise for all our wonderful, faithful volunteers
  16. Prayer for Maria, our church relations person, and her family as they adjusts to adding a newborn to their family.
  17. Pray for a successful food drive
  18. Prayer and Praise for our community partnerships. Praise for all the connections and relationships we have with various organizations and prayer for continued growth and outreach opportunities
  19. Prayer for our guests, that they develop a Godly focus for their lives and continue to progress to where God wants them to be
  20. Praise for community leaders making an impact in Lancaster. Pray for continued guidance as they continue making an impact on our community.
  21. Pray for staff family. Prayer for their health, relationships, new opportunities, guidance.
  22. Prayer for continued support and volunteer growth
  23. Praise for new lives being born and joining together
  24. Prayer for new logistics and processes being developed at the mission
  25. Pray for the refugees Lancaster is welcoming. Pray for beneficial community connections and that the refugees will feel welcomed
  26. Prayer for staff stress levels. That all staff will feel peace throughout their day.
  27. Praise for God’s faithfulness in each season
  28. Prayer for the upcoming election. Pray for voter wisdom
  29. Pray for the families living at the mission. Pray for grace and patience for the parents. Pray for a great school year for the children
  30. Pray for safety for all the Trick or Treaters collecting candy and goodies. Pray for a positive night of family and friend bonding.
  31. Pray for easy and stress free adjustment for the new hires. Pray that they will fit well into the WSM culture.