The journey out of homelessness begins with a hot meal and a safe place to sleep. 

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Experiencing homelessness is traumatic. We get that. That’s why we work to provide a safe and healing environment where the gospel of Christ is able to take hold of hearts and set them on a path of restoration. In that process, we offer personalized programs and coaching for men and women who are ready to commit to transformation. We work with these individuals to assist them with their goals—helping them move past their season of homelessness.

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  • The Renewal of Howard

    “My life was a road to disaster,” Howard said, as he looks back on how he ended up at Water Street Mission. “I used so many people, even my parents. I destroyed relationships. I was in and out of jail. My family didn’t want to have anything to do with me.”

    Howard has two years clean and sober, his mental and physical health are more stable and he’s reconciling with his family.

    “The Mission has done a lot for me,” Howard said. “It saved my life.”

  • The Renewal of Ron

    “I didn’t live a good life and I was scared to die,” said Ron. And not scared to die in the way that people think about growing old and one day passing on—Ron’s talking about randomly being shot in the middle of the street on a sunny Tuesday — that kind of “scared to die.” He moved to Lancaster to be closer to family. Ron wanted just to survive. Money was low for too long, and then housing became a problem. Eventually Ron landed at Water Street Mission.

    At Water Street he learned how to live with intentionality by setting goals for himself and learning how to have a relationship with God. Today he is employed, living in his own place, and mentoring young men to grow into their full character.

  • The Renewal of Jose

    When Jose was in the third grade his mom and siblings all became homeless. They knocked on the door of the Mission for help, and received it. Jose looks back on that time of eating, sleeping, and being a kid at the Mission with the feeling that it kept his family together. “We were always in poverty, but we never felt defeated,” recalls Jose.

    Today Jose is a husband, a father and a leader in Lancaster city as the Field Director at Teen Haven. It’s the exact same youth center where he found acceptance and support at as a kid and then as a young adult. Jose looks back on his journey through life and the path he took, and humbly says it all began at the Mission.

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