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Water Street has always met the rescue needs of food, clothing and shelter for our guests. However, by offering renewal services to only our resident guests, we’ve potentially missed out on opportunities to provide the foundations for permanent life change to a much larger population. Beyond providing just the rescue services most associated with city missions, we have now shifted to make our unique Renewal Program services available to guests on day 1 – regardless of whether they are in our shelter or long-term residence.


    • Veteran and chronic homelessness has been effectively eliminated in Lancaster. Temporary homelessness is still a continual challenge.
    • Our Renewal Services Program is targeted to shorten the cycle of homelessness and reduce the risk of recidivism.
    • Since offering Renewal Services to all guests, 50-60% have established firm goals and action plans – an increase from the 10- 15% in our prior

    1 Commitment

    A commitment to life change:

    Guests have come to believe that change is truly possible, and they have a clear picture of a desired, secure future.

    2 Assessment

    A comprehensive assessment:

    A Water Street case manager conducts a “deep dive” assessment to determine the guest’s needs in all the key areas of the Whole Person Model.

    3 Action Plan

    A clear action plan:

    The guest and their case manager develop a clear action plan for growth and wholeness in the seven dimensions of the Whole Person Model. The guest sets their goals and makes a commitment to actions that will be needed for their achievement.

    Water Street Mission Whole Person Model

    4 Execution

    Execution of the plan:

    Day-by-day, guests follow their action plan, accessing services like Water Street’s Enrichment Center, Health Services, as well as offerings from partnering agencies. A Water Street life coach walks with the guest through this process, providing encouragement, support and accountability.

    5 Transition

    Transition back to the community:

    Successful Upon completion of the plan, the guest is transitioned back to the community.


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