About the Mission

The world gives up on people. People give up on themselves. But at the Water Street Mission, through the grace of Jesus Christ, individuals find hope for a better future. Lives are changed!

As the only year-round emergency shelter in Lancaster, PA, we believe homes, jobs and support are three critical answers for individuals who find themselves in the traumatic crisis of homelessness. However, to truly end cycles of homelessness, we have a vision to help individuals come to know lasting, life transformation. Then, they can break out of lifestyles that may have led to their homelessness.

Lasting transformation comes when a heart has been renewed. This heart change triggers a new vision in each client that includes a sense of purpose and a desire to give of themselves to others and their community.

Since 1905, the Water Street Mission has been providing rescue and renewal for homeless men, women and children. To learn more about how we help change one life at a time, please click on the links to the left.

The Mission is a ministry of Water Street Ministries.

Water Street Mission
Advancing the kingdom of God by providing rescue and renewal services for homeless individuals in Lancaster County.

Main Office

210 South Prince Street
Lancaster, PA 17603