Emergency Shelter

The journey out of homelessness often begins with a hot meal and a safe place to sleep. 

Our Emergency Shelter

Providence Shelter

Providence Shelter is our first step in supporting someone experiencing homelessness. Our trauma-informed services are designed to invite guests into deeper engagement, helping each guest develop a feeling of safety and love that will guide them into further internal work and life change. In many cases, guests identify areas of growth and choose to move forward into our Residential Programs after 90 days while others transition out at this stage and back into life outside Water Street, but better equipped and supported than before.

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"I was really scared and nervous that I had to come here. I was afraid of the unknown. Once I was in the door and got a tour, I felt much better. It feels so safe here."
WSM Guest

Our Day Shelter

Providence Day Shelter

Providence Day Shelter is a safe and inviting place for our Emergency Shelter guests to spend their mornings and afternoons, if they choose to do so. Meetings with life coaches, social workers, and community partners happen in this space, as well as opportunities to connect on a deeper level with other guests. This also serves as our location for chapel and other classes in the evening.

Dining Hall

A Step Towards Restoration

All Providence Shelter guests get access to our dining hall for all of their meals. We designed the space to feel as inviting and warm as possible because we know that for many, a healing journey can simply begin with a hot meal. This location is also a spot where supportive relationships start that can last a lifetime.

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Stories of Restoration that Stemmed from our Emergency Shelter

Experiencing Renewal


The Renewal of James

At the end of himself, with no resources, no prospects and no hope, James remembers being at the corner of Prince and Lemon Streets, deciding whether or not to turn left and end it all by throwing himself in front of a train. 

Instead, he found himself suddenly at Water Street. He was broken, crying and drunk and two guys immediately walked up to him and put their arms around him, telling him that everything was going to be okay. A Case Manager talked with  him, letting him know about the programs that would be available to him. Further suggesting that James was in no condition to make a decision that day, his Case Manager got him set up with the emergency services he would need and told him that he would talk with him the next day.

The road wasn’t easy, but James put in the work and through support from staff, found a new hope and security in Christ. Now James is 5 years sober and a certified Recovery Specialist, helping others as a Residential Coordinator and Facility Caretaker at Rase Project – a Recovery Community Organization.

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The Renewal of Sadé 

Sadé  began running away to escape the constant torment from a young age. In an unsafe environment, she regularly experiencing the sexual abuse of her father – a man who would later be imprisoned for abusing another family member. 

She jumped around…landing in a group home … her aunt’s home … and eventually dancing in a club at the age of 16 just to survive. Despite a seemingly endless loop of disappointment and hurt, there was still something deep inside Sadé that knew there was more.

Finally, Sadé came to Water Street. Hope was kindled in her heart and her vision for a better life grew. She actively took part in everything she could, from classes like Identity Matters and Biblical Life Management, to getting her GED so she could further her studies. Sadé learned to forgive, to trust, and most of all, she learned who she truly was in Christ! Now Sadé is studying to get her Masters in Counseling, and has found a safe environment for her and her sons. 


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