Women's shelter in Lancaster

Creating a safe place for women to overcome homelessness and build a stable future. 

Caring for women

Loving, safe, and supportive

We know many of the women who come to us for help have experienced trauma. Whether from a difficult or unsafe environment, or from the trauma of homelessness itself, the journey through our doors is not easy. Our goal is to meet each woman with a loving environment, so they know they are in a safe place. We aim to equip women with the tools and mindsets needed to build a brighter future for themselves and their families.

While Water Street Mission offers a mixed-gender campus, we do have services and offerings strictly for women.


Key elements

Our Women’s Shelter consists of both emergency shelter in Providence Shelter, as well as Residential Programs for those enrolling in our longer-term residential programs. In both, guests have access to Case Managers and Life Coaches who help them access resources and design plans to move forward. Guests in our residential programs, however, have a higher level of engagement with on-campus classes, creating individualized action plans and enrolling in full-time courses.

Guests in our Women's Residential Program access:

“If I hadn’t come to Water Street, I probably wouldn’t have opened my heart back up to God. I’d be working at dead-end jobs…still struggling being a single parent.”
Jennifer, Water Street Guest

Kids on campus

We have many children on campus on a regular basis. Moms with kids always stay in family-style dorms, regardless of whether they are here for emergency shelter or residential programs. Our team of Life Coaches work to support and uphold parenting first and foremost, equipping moms to feel fully present–emotionally and mentally–for their children.

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Water Street Mission

Children's Ministry

Our Children’s Ministry provides a safe, fun space for children in families. Kids will find lessons focused on understanding the character of God, plus crafts and playtime.

It’s a place for a kid to be a kid during what might be a challenging season of life.

The renewal of Beth & Lennox

Tanya's* Story

When Tanya* came to the Children’s Ministry at Water Street, Miss Ginger prayed about how to handle her. She would kick and hit her mom, refusing to obey. She wouldn’t receive compliments the staff would try to give her but hang her head low. “I was feeling discouraged one day and asked for prayer from a coworker” Miss Ginger shared.

She knew the days were busy and chaotic and wanted to make sure that the spiritual time was also occurring. That same day, Tanya came up to Miss Ginger and said, “Miss Ginger, will you read me a story about Jesus?” and pointed to the children’s Bible. “This little girl has grown in leaps and bounds!” Miss Ginger proclaimed. Obviously, the spiritually important items were still happening and sinking in.

Tanya’s mom was experiencing back pain, and Tanya suggested they pray and ask Jesus to heal it. She told her mom she wasn’t sure how to pray, and her mom helped lead her in a prayer for healing, even though they didn’t have any Christian background. Tanya’s mom now reads to her from the children’s Bible every night. “Tanya has the most hunger for learning about God that I’ve seen,” Miss Ginger said. “She has changed so much and is now one of my favorite students.”

*Name has been changed to protect privacy.


Stories of restoration in our residential programs


The Renewal of Samantha

For Samantha, the path to homelessness started with depression and addictions. It wasn’t until she was hospitalized, when she realized that she was lost and tired of the life she was leading. Her home life had enabled and contributed to her waywardness, so with nowhere to go, when she was discharged from the hospital, she came to Water Street Mission.

Samantha began developing strong relationships with her case worker, staff members, and other guests. These connections were instrumental in helping her get back on her feet. 

“The people here, like the workers, the staff and some of the residents, take a lot of personal time and they show a lot of compassion helping you get to the root of what’s wrong. Because it’s just not on the surface, it’s underneath,” she says.

Samantha has since grown in her relationship to Jesus and received a full scholarship to Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology where she is currently pursuing a degree in Business.


The Renewal of Gertina

Gertina had reached the point of exhaustion. Growing up in New York and raising a family in a dangerous area, situations had led her to relocate to Lancaster in hopes of a better life for her children.  

Instead, her depression worsened and her living conditions became increasingly unstable as she bounced from apartment to apartment. She reached out to Water Street for help and found the dignity and support she needed to overcome her obstacles. 

Through a difficult life journey – including the devastating loss of  a daughter – Gertina had lost her faith in God. But as her spiritual foundation strengthened, the staff supported Gertina in building life skills and a network of support. Now she is empowered to care for her kids, saying “Water Street is the best place to be. They will do a lot for you. They will listen to you … They do the best they can to be by your side.”  

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