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Teen Haven helps reach the next generation to build a better future.

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Teen Haven

Launching teens from Lancaster City into a life of leadership and purpose. By providing a healthy community to thrive in, and mentoring them to become leaders in their city, churches and schools, Teen Haven is building a better foundation for a brighter future. 

Her growth has been amazing. She faced many challenges but by the consistent and affirming love of God, Tara was able to overcome.
Teen Haven Mentor

Event Highlight

Training Camp

Throughout the year, we run events that encourage and grow the teens involved in Teen Haven’s programs. Through one of these programs, Training Camp, we look to encourage young men through building bonds and helping each teen become the man God has made them to be. This year was no different. Through each activity teens learned the power and importance of integrity, respect, purity, and discipline. 

Giving Teens The Tools To Succeed


Part of caring for our teens means launching them off into colleges or potential careers after high school. Through working with community partners and volunteers we have launched Thrive, which provides teens access to experiences with career options, whether that be programming, entrepreneurship, graphic design, or a myriad of other options. The goal is inspiration and an opportunity for teens to thrive moving forward as adults.


Stories of Teens Set on a Path of Restoration

Experiencing Renewal


The Renewal of Jesse

Jesse was born addicted to drugs and he had a hole in his heart. His Aunt prayed with a great passion for Jesse to be healed, and he was, and so, his chance at life began. As a baby, he was adopted by a close family member, yet his biological mother was always in his life.

It wasn’t until later in life, around high school, that Jesse really started to feel some deep pain about his childhood. He says he made choices to feel better, but they weren’t the best for his future. He made it through high school and then joined the Army. 

Eventually, he moved to Lancaster where he got connected to Teen Haven’s Sunday night church service, Activ8. Jesse says his experience at Teen Haven positively changed his life.


The Renewal of Regina

Since she was eleven years old, Teen Haven has been a big part of  growing up for Regina. While attending Renew Conference for Teen Girls, Regina got the chance to embrace a new form of worship, one she had not practiced since she entered her teenage years. Being encouraged to use creativity in their worship, she picked up a flag and began dancing. 

Since then, Regina has jumped at the chance to dance with flags again during Sunday church, describing her experience as feeling “completely alone with God at that moment.” Through Teen Haven, Regina has discovered her spiritual gift, boldly stepping out to speak edifying words when she hears God’s voice. Through her gifts, she is constantly seeking to care for and be a blessing to other young girls. She is dedicated to continuing to bless others as she grows in the spirit, spreading her joy and love to her community! 

*Name changed to protect identity. 

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Teen Haven has around 950 students attend events annually and consistently serves over 80 teens a week through weekly programs. You can make a difference in their lives through giving to Water Street.