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Pre-K and Kindergarten, for a life-long love of God, and a life-long love of learning.

Learning and Growing

Early intervention through Pre-K and Kindergarten classes meet kids at a critical time when students’ first interact with education and, in many cases, first learn of Jesus’s love for them. 

We invest in early childhood education, particularly for low-income families, to give kids the best start in life. Wonder Club is made possible by a partnership with Water Street Mission, Lancaster County Christian School, donors, and many generous businesses that give through EITC gifts.


Wonder Club Kids Receive


The Renewal of Renee

When Renee* began Wonder Club as a preschooler, she was shy and withdrawn. She had just been placed in a foster home and was waiting to be adopted. Through the love and prayers of the staff and her foster family, Renee began to learn and grow. 

She went from knowing six letters in the alphabet at the beginning of the year to 20 by the end of the year, and her counting improved from one to five to one through 15.

Renee started praying her own prayers, and she invited Jesus into her heart. When she left Wonder Club at the end of her preschool year, she was a different girl; and in October of 2014, Renee was embraced into her forever family through adoption.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy.

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