Rescue Mission

  • Pray for God to surround our campus during this time to keep all of our guests and staff safe.
  • Pray for guests during this time of uncertainty. Pray they have peace instead of anxiety and to truly see God as their Shepard.
  • Pray guests experience grace in new and powerful ways as they grow through the hardships presented during this Corona outbreak.
  • Pray for a guest to continue to recover from back surgery.
  • Pray for guests who are struggling with feelings of depression, anxiety and worthlessness.
  • Pray for guests who feel like they have hit a plateau to have strength, energy, and good guidance to fight through it.
  • Pray for God to look over the children whose opportunities seem limited.
  • Pray for favor for our guests needing help with their citizenship and immigration process.
  • Pray for a guest needing a lot of medical care and is dealing with a broken leg and other medical conditions.
  • Pray for the children and women of Water Street.
  • Pray guests feel loved and accepted when they come to Water Street from wherever they come emotionally.
  • Praise for how Water Street is loving people well and keeping grace as our model.
  • Pray for guests dealing with major health issues.
  • Pray for a guest struggling with anger to find a safe place and experience reconciliation around what has hurt him.
  • Pray for guests struggling with substance abuse to experience deliverance from addiction.
  • Pray for a guest to be healed from a kidney infection.
  • Pray for a guest to have success in their new job and to have continued sobriety.
  • Pray for a guest to be healed of lung cancer.
  • Pray for our family emergency shelter and for moms to desire to experience life change.
  • Pray for more affordable transitional housing for families after they complete their programs at Water Street.

Health Services

  • Pray for our health services to have peace, unity and strength during these difficult times.
  • Pray for our dental team during their time of transition while they wait for the arrival of a new dentist.
  • Pray the team would continue to work well together and minister and love each patient.
  • Pray God brings a nurse to fill our open position.

Wonder Club

  • Pray for students and Wonder Club families who are not able to attend school right now to continue to grow in their education if they are able, and to feel close to God during this time.
  • Pray for enrollment for the 20/21 school year to be a success and for God to bring families He wants to attend.

Teen Haven

  • Pray for Teen Haven as they are not able to meet due to the corona pandemic. Pray each Teen continues to feel connected, loved by their leaders and most importantly cared for by our powerful God.
  • Pray for teens engaging in self harm and for staff to have wisdom and guidance in how to serve and care for them appropriately.
  • Pray for Activ8 to continue to love its neighbors well and for the leaders to always find strength to continue.
  • Pray for upcoming Teen Haven summer events and programs and especially for Summer Camp to care for the community well.


  • Praise God for His steadfast love through all things, providing for Water Street even as we see changes and difficult times ahead.
  • Praise God for our skilled staff who are navigating the new landscape and ministering to guests well. Pray for their safety and to rely on God for their daily needs.
  • Pray Life Coaches have divine insight and wisdom as they walk with our guests through these trying times.
  • Pray the spirit of the Lord gives WSM leadership clarity and peace in decisions that need to be made.
  • Pray for staff dealing with difficult health issues.
  • Pray staff have divine appointments with guests to share our journey with in the midst of uncertainty.
  • Pray staff acknowledge who they are in Christ before responding to interactions with guests and patients.
  • Pray for a staff member’s newborn granddaughters to be healed and gain the weight they need.
  • Pray the staff are patient while construction takes place all around Water Street, creating traffic and limiting parking.
  • Pray we are able to impact our communities through our churches.
  • Pray for friends and family dealing with difficulties in their marriage to grow closer together and rely on God.
  • Pray for staff who minister to their communities through church and bible studies to see fruit through their ministries.
  • Pray for staff a member’s nieces who are struggling with anxiety.
  • Pray for a staff member grieving the recent loss of a loved one.
  • Pray God allows for a staff member to expand their family and have a baby.
  • Pray for a staff member’s nephew struggling with addiction.
  • Pray for a staff member’s father who was recently diagnosed with dementia.
  • Pray for a staff member to find a new home for their family and find healing for abandonment.
  • Pray for new staff to get to know their position and WSM as an organization.
  • Pray for a staff member to experience restoration in their family.
  • Praise for a staff member expecting their first child in July.
  • Pray for staff with friends and family in China to have strength during the current hardships and to have new opportunities to minister and share their faith with others.
  • Praise for the Advancement team growing in unity and efficiency so we can serve donors, volunteers and all Water Street departments well.
  • Pray we steward what God is giving and providing us with well.


  • Pray for guidance and clarity on how to best serve our community as major Water Street events and fundraisers have been canceled due to the corona outbreak.


  • Pray for safety for volunteers who have chosen to continue to serve during this time and for all of our volunteer family unable to come in, to have peace and know they are a deeply important part of our community.

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