January 2018

Prayer Calendar

  1. Happy New Year! Time to look forward to God’s plans and trust that he has you in his hands.
  2. Praise for all the donations that came in at the end of the year! We are so blessed.
  3. Pray for continued protection for our overnight life coaches.
  4. Praise for the holiday meal baskets that Teen Haven was able to distribute.
  5. Pray for a volunteer who is fighting through the final stages of cancer. Pray that Gods comfort and peace will be with him and his families.
  6. Pray for the staff’s family health during the winter season. Pray for strong immune systems to fight off all the colds and stuffy noses.
  7. Praise that our guests felt loved and supported through the holiday season, when they normally feel very alone.
  8. Pray for guidance and safety as construction projects start around campus. Pray for a smooth process.
  9. Pray that guests and staff will learn to freely grieve and that people will learn to be sensitive to the feeling and that it is ok to feel grief.
  10. Pray that low-income housing opportunities will become available to our residents looking to move into their own home.
  11. Pray for staff member’s family members who are struggling with their identity and faith.
  12. Praise for all our volunteers! We are so grateful for them and the time they give to us.
  13. Pray as we work on a new volunteer information and access hub. Pray that regular volunteers will be flexible with the changes and that prospective volunteers will find confidence in the program.
  14. Pray for our guests and residents to understand and apply what they are learning in the classes we provide at water street
  15. Pray for those suffering with depression. Pray for break-through and that they wouldn’t be afraid to seek help.
  16. Pray for staff members who are fostering children. Praise that God has called them to love someone elses child as their own. Pray that a staff member’s case will move from foster to adoption.
  17. Pray for a volunteer who lost a toe due to diabetes.
  18. Pray for those struggling with diabetes. Pray that they will learn to adjust their lifestyle and listen to their doctors recommendations.
  19. Pray for people who are on their way to the mission but don’t know it. Pray that when they arrive they will feel loved and cared for.
  20. Pray that our staff will be continually refreshed and not get burnt out.
  21. Pray for a staff member who has multiple health problems. Pray for complete healing and restoration
  22. Pray for wisdom and discernment for our staff that interact with guests on a regular basis.
  23. Pray for a staff member who is going to school and working. Pray for strength and wisdom as she works towards her goals.
  24. Pray for the moms staying with us. Pray for Godly patience when handling their kids and grace when life gets stressful.
  25. Pray for a staff member’s mother who has struggled with sleeping for many years. Pray that a resolution will be found and that she will be able to sleep.
  26. Pray for guests who keep encountering roadblocks. Pray that God will show them His better plan and that they won’t get discouraged.
  27. Praise for all the warm coats that have been coming in. We love being able to provide warm coats to guests who need them.
  28. Praise for a staff member’s husband who finally got a job after being unemployed for some time.
  29. Pray for those who have left Water Street before they were able to experience god’s restoration. Pray that they would connect with others who can guide them to restoration.
  30. Pray for those struggling with addiction. Pray that they will seek help.
  31. Praise that Jesus loves us and cares for us. Praise that we know that we can rest in Him.

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