June 2018

Prayer Calendar

  1. Pray for a staff member’s son who has poor health. Pray for restoration and complete healing.
  2. Pray for staff’s family members who don’t know Jesus. Pray that they will be able to show their family God’s love through their actions.
  3. Pray for a staff member and her husband as they look for a house. Pray for guidance and clarity.
  4. Pray for those who have lost loved ones to addictions.
  5. Praise for the new volunteer services assistant starting this month. Pray that she will feel welcomed here.
  6. Praise for a staff member who will be adopting their foster daughter. Pray for a smooth process.
  7. Pray for safety as construction projects around campus start.
  8. Pray for opportunities to connect meaningfully with residents and guests.
  9. Pray for the staff members dealing with cancer. Pray for strength and faith as they work towards healing.
  10. Pray for a staff member’s daughter who is looking for housing in California. Pray that God will open the right doors.
  11. Pray for constantly improving community connections regarding housing and jobs for our residents.
  12. Praise for all our volunteers. We are so blessed to have so many servant-hearted helpers.
  13. Pray for staff as they seek to balance work and life.
  14. Pray for the open staff positions. Pray that they will be filled with the right people.
  15. Pray for the Drive Away Hunger golf tournament happening today. Pray that the right people are at the tournament and that the event runs smoothly.
  16. Praise for a staff member getting married this month. Pray for a great day celebrating with family and friends.
  17. Happy Father’s Day! We are thankful for a Heavenly Father who watches over and guides his children. Pray for all the fathers and father figures in your life.
  18. Pray for the women residents. Pray that they will continue to encourage others and create a positive community while living here.
  19. Pray as new classes start for residents. Pray that they will be open to what they are learning and that they will experience life change.
  20. Praise for the new dental chair. What a great blessing for guests of the dental clinic.
  21. Pray for a staff member’s mother who is recovering from a partial knee surgery. Pray for minimal pain and smooth recovery.
  22. Pray for a family staying at the mission. Pray for hope and healing.
  23. Praise for the return of a former staff member and the new position she will be taking.
  24. Pray for stewardship of the mission in time, treasure and talent.
  25. Pray that staff will step out in faith each day, in difficult times and with interactions with guests and residents.
  26. Pray for a staff member’s mother who is battling depression and health issues.
  27. Praise for staff unity and the ability to work well together.
  28. Pray for the Compelled By Love event happening today. Pray that the leaders involved will be equipt to inspire their people to love our community better.
  29. Praise for God’s faithful presence in our lives. God is always at work in the lives of His people.
  30. Praise for the four Wonder Club students who asked Jesus to come into their hearts.

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