Rescue Mission

  • Pray for the people who leave Water Street Mission — that they will find a healthy community to get connected with.
  • Pray for our guests and residents who struggle with mental health issues — that they will be open to treatment and counseling.
  • Pray for a guest who is grieving over not having contact with his son, and for restoration within the relationship.
  • Pray that we steward relationships with guests, residents, volunteers, and businesses well.
  • Pray that there would be healing for our guests and residents struggling with addictions.
  • Praise for all the farmers and food companies who supply us with fresh seasonal food this time of year.
  • Pray for a mom who will be welcoming her fourth child, that it would be an easy transition within the growing family and for the people who support them.

Health Services

  • Praise for the positions being filled in the Dental Clinic.
  • Pray for confidence as staff guide patients toward health and wellness goals.
  • Pray for more volunteers to serve in the clinic.
  • Pray for the patients who are managing diabetes.
  • Pray for guests who live in chronic pain, that a good management routine would ease some of their pain.

Wonder Club

  • Pray for patience and wisdom for the teachers.
  • Pray for everyone at Wonder Club, as a new school year starts.
  • Pray for the new students joining the Wonder Club family — that the students will blossom during their school year.

Teen Haven

  • Pray for all the programs offered at Teen Haven — that the students will be open and accepting of the things they are learning.
  • Pray for the girls participating in the Brave Initiative. We are excited to offer this STEM camp at Teen Haven.
  • Pray for the students as they get ready to head back to school.


  • Pray for the staff and their family members who are pregnant — that they will have healthy pregnancies.
  • Pray for creativity and wisdom as staff navigate tricky situations with guests and residents.
  • Pray for healthy and open communication between coworkers and across campus.
  • Praise for all of the new staff — that they will feel welcomed here.
  • Pray for the staff members going back to school, that they would be diligent in their studies.
  • Praise God for his faithfulness to our staff members who found an apartment or a house.
  • Pray for staff members who are trying to make healthy changes in their life — that they would be persevering and determined.


  • Pray that sponsorships will come in for our fall events.
  • Pray for the planning of our fall events — that they will be a blessing to the community, while bringing awareness to our mission.
  • Pray for our Reverberate event on Sept 24 — that our community will get excited about worshipping together and celebrating all that God is doing in our community.


  • Praise for all the volunteers that blessed our guests during the Winter Weekend Day Shelter.
  • Pray for a volunteer’s father who is sick and out of the country.
  • Pray for more diligent and motivated residential volunteers.

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