August 2018

Prayer Calendar

  1. Pray for a staff member’s
family who is having relationship
issues with her older children. Pray for healing in the relationship and salvation of the children.
  2. Praise for a new Dental Assistant to work in our dental clinic.
  3. Praise that several guests who were
in our emergency shelter have decided to commit to life change.
  4. Pray that the seeds planted at the “Compelled by Love” event would continue to be fruitful and encourage change in our community.
  5. Pray for guests who are struggling. Pray they will come to realize their true identity in Christ.
  6. Pray for long term volunteers to be moved to serve at the mission and sow into our guests’ lives.
  7. Praise for staff members who have been healed of cancer!
  8. Praise that a staff member’s tumor was successfully and completely removed!
  9. Pray for the Teen Haven group that is currently in Zimbabwe. Pray for protection and open hearts as they impact the community they are working in.
  10. Pray for the food service team as they adjust to a new manager. Pray for a smooth process.
  11. Pray for our guests and residents who deal with chronic pain. Pray for comfort and better pain management.
  12. Pray for all the newlyweds on our staff. Pray that God will be the center of their relationships and they will grow in communication with one another.
  13. Pray for the “soon-to-be moms” on our staff. Pray for a fulfilling pregnancy, peace, strength and confidence.
  14. Praise for God’s faithfulness to bring in needed dental and medical items for
use in Health Services.
  15. Pray for God’s guidance as Wonder Club adds new staff for the upcoming school year.
  16. Pray freedom for our guests and residents struggling with alcohol addiction.
  17. Pray for continued reliance on God as we move into a new fiscal year. Pray that we will rely on His strength and trust in His provisions.
  18. Pray for open positions, that they will be filled with the right people.
  19. Praise for one of our guests who was accepted into college and is starting to work towards finishing her degree.
  20. Pray for the expectant mothers
living here. Pray for peace in the midst of their challenges.
  21. Praise for all our faithful donors and the vital support they provide.
  22. Pray for safety on and off of campus. Pray for protection.
  23. Pray that life coaches continue to grow in God’s love for our guests.
  24. Pray for those looking for a home. Pray that God opens the right doors and that the perfect home will become available.
  25. Pray for an 18 year old guest. Pray that his relationship with his mother will be healed and that he will learn to rely on God in tough situations.
  26. Pray that the single mothers staying with us will feel stable in their current situation and that that they will find God’s peace and strength to continue towards life restoration.
  27. Pray that the moms staying with us will create a supportive community for one another. That they will encourage each other.
  28. Pray for a smooth transition with an IT change.
  29. Pray for Advancement staff members as September quickly ap-
proaches. Pray for smooth events, minimal stress, and that God will be present in all events and inspire the community to care for those most often overlooked.
  30. Pray as we work on improving standard operating procedures. Pray that they will be a source of empowerment for the staff.
  31. Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend. Enjoy your time spent with friends and family. Pray for safety and a time of connection and community.

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