May 2017

Prayer Calendar

  1. Praises for an awesome celebration of Water Street Health Services at Top Chefs.
  2. Pray for a volunteer who was diagnosed with cancer. Pray for peace and wisdom as she navigates the best course of action.
  3. Praise for open positions being filled with the right people.
  4. Pray for a staff member whose house caught fire. Praise that no one was hurt, but most of their belongings were lost.
  5. Praise God for the JK Mechanical team that volunteered at WSM for a day. Many areas at WSM were impacted: renovated area, spruced up landscape, tidied closets, cleaned/painted spaces, and a new shelving system for inventory.
  6. Pray for a woman nearing homelessness whom a church has been helping.
  7. Praise for our faithful Chapel partners who lead nightly services on our campus.
  8. Praise for 2 donated dental chairs. Praise for $10,000 donated to fix them up to surpass the chairs the dental office uses now.
  9. Pastor Booth played “The Passion of The Christ” on campus. I was blessed to have a brother of another faith come up to me and hug me, thanking me for the privilege to see the film and gratitude for WSM. He would have normally been at traditional Friday (Islamic) prayers. He shared with me how he understood the Aramaic because it is close to his native tongue (Arabic). He hugged me four times in deep humility and gratitude.
  10. Praise for all our awesome and committed volunteers. Some have volunteered for over 15 years and others give so much of their time they could be a full-time employee. We could not do what we do without our volunteers.
  11. Praise for new life! Dr. Baird gave birth to a healthy baby girl on April 21. Pray for the new family as they embark on this journey.
  12. Pray for those going through change. Pray for God’s perspective and plan to clearly be seen and that He will be trusted.
  13. A patient in Health Services began to talk about certain conversations he had with his cousin whom is a believer, and how all of the sudden he is having conversations in his mind about truly believing that there is something higher than him out there. “It became very evident that God had been pursuing him for months before our meeting,” said Gail Heath, a staff nurse, as she and a coworker shared the gospel with him. “His eyes brightened up and he was full of questions about Bible stories and the reason why Christians celebrate Easter the way we do. At the end of our conversation the patient gave his life to the Lord! “
  14. Praise for all the mothers. Praise for their strength and gentleness. Pray that they will feel blessed today.
  15. Prayer for continued volunteers to help organize supplies in our inventory system.
  16. Pray for several church partners working through leadership transitions.
  17. Praise God for a 41-year-old mother of 4 who just got her GED. Pray she will be encouraged to continue her journey.
  18. Pray for our staff as we are continuing to improve our service to guests.
  19. Pray for a family at Water Street. Whose newborn is in foster care after being born addicted to drugs. Pray for the family as they deal with the situation and pray for redemption and grace and God’s love to be clearly visible.
  20. Pray for patience and grace as we make transitions on campus that could affect the community and residents.

  21. Pray for renewed hope and spiritual persistence.
  22. Praise for family and friendships. Praise for their guidance and support.
  23. Thank you to those who give financially. You are having a great impact.
  24. Pray for the executive meeting happening today. Pray for wisdom and productive conversation.
  25. Prayers for all of our business partners in the community – all those who currently support us in some way – that God would provide all their business needs. For our partnership to truly be mutually beneficial and that we would be able to help them experience joy through their partnership with us.
  26. Pray for guests who are struggling with addiction and desire life change. Pray for the love of Jesus to penetrate their broken places.
  27. Pray for all the students as their school year winds down. Pray for perseverance to finish strong.
  28. Pray for sponsorships for the annual Golf Tournament in June. Pray for a good turnout and good weather.
  29. Praise for new beginnings, fresh starts and Godly redemption.
  30. Prayers for safe traveling for the group of us who are attending the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM) conference in Dallas.
  31. Pray and opened eyes and hearts as staff learns from speakers at the AGRM conference.

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