Pray With Us

We believe in the power of prayer for our ministry, community, and everyone who makes up Water Street.

Our August Prayer Requests

Rescue Mission

  • Pray for God’s continued protection over WSM campus and wisdom to continue to meet the needs of guests and staff.
  • Pray for healing for our country, both over the pandemic and racial injustice.
  • Praise for a guest making major strides in her recovery from COVID-19. Pray for continued healing and a miraculous recovery.
  • Pray that God will touch the hearts of our leaders, local and state, like only he can and that change will come and love will prevail.
  • Pray the Holy Spirit brings ideas for moving ahead with teaching and classes for guests.
  • Pray for our guests who have mental health concerns as COVID-19 has been challenging to some of them. Pray God will relieve depression and anxiety.
  • Pray for guests who are fearful about protests leading to violence at or near the Mission. Pray for protection for the campus.
  • Pray for wisdom for how to develop and evaluate future programs and that we will all grow through community and relationship with Jesus.
  • Pray for our guests to be seen, heard and valued!
Water Street Mission

Health Services

  • Pray for the new dentist who is preparing to be start soon.
  • Pray for staff as they continue to work through COVID-19 and all its difficulties.

Wonder Club

  • Pray for staff as they take summer breaks, that they would be able to recuperate and come back fully recharged for the fall.

Teen Haven

  • Pray for safety and creativity during Summer Day Camp.
  • Pray for our staff’s families as we look towards engaging with students full time again.
  • Pray for the kids and teens in our community as they are seeing the response of adults and leaders in their community. Pray they would follow and be influenced by the right people, things and movements.
  • Pray for staff as they discern how to navigate social distancing during the Teen Haven Summer Camp.


  • Pray for Reverberate, as we transition it from a large worship gathering to one with numerous locations all around the county.
  • Pray for Rescue Mission Food Drive, as we continue to work out details on this big fall event.
  • Pray for Isaiah 61 and the preparations that are being made to host that event safely in November.


  • Pray for a staff member’s grandson battling Leukemia.
  • Pray for a staff member’s family as they await news of whether their foster children of almost 3 years will be up for adoption.
  • Pray a for a staff member desiring to be an encouragement and good listener to our donors and serve their neighborhood and church well.
  • Pray for a staff member’s mother and others in residence at Landis Homes who may be afraid as they undergo universal testing for Covid-19, especially for those with dementia. Pray they look to the Lord for strength and protection.
  • Pray for staff members struggling with their health to be fully restored.
  • Pray for a staff member’s father, a Lancaster City Police Officer.
  • Pray for the new campus pastor as he comes onboard to fill a key role in Water Street.
  • Pray for a staff member seeking to have humility and wisdom but also boldness in this season of life.
  • Pray for the staff and guests as they process the emotions generated by the murder of George Floyd and the national response.
  • Pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding in reopening the dining hall.


  • Pray for wisdom, as we on a case by case basis, begin to think about volunteers coming back on campus.
  • Pray for our volunteer coordination teams as they handle drives and ensure the safety of those who come to volunteer and give over the coming months.
  • Pray for one of our lead Volunteer Coordinators, as she goes through a difficult time with family.

Keep us in your prayers!

Here's how you can begin

Download our simple prayer guide below to check off items as you pray! 

"Knowing that this community is praying for our team helps give strength to our staff as they continue to serve, and helps our guests feel loved and cared for."
Jack Crowley, WSM President
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An Update from Jack 5/4/2020


Dear Friends,

Throughout this season, we have encountered a number of challenges in operating our shelter safely. Thankfully we have been blessed to see no community spread among our guests. This is due not only to the work of our team, but also the ways that upgrades to our facilities came at just the right time.

For example, Providence Shelter, which opened in November 2019, provides additional spacing and a top-tier air filtration system. We have also been able to implement the same air filtration standards in our dining hall prior to the most recent wave of COVID.

Because a high percentage of our guests have preexisting health conditions, we have had to be diligent in our safety protocols, doing our best to ensure their safety. For us that has included implanting all CDC disinfecting, masking and social distancing from the very beginning. This has led to major changes in roles and responsibilities of staff. Staff have taken over disinfecting in shifts all over campus. They have also delivered much of our support services and programs through zoom, hosting counseling sessions and classes virtually and meeting in-person with plexi-glass dividers only when necessary.

For meals, we’ve changed preparation and delivery to help minimize interaction of guests who live in different facilities. At times that has meant delivering meals to certain Residential Floors so we can keep smaller groups in the dining hall. We have also had to restrict guests’ travel on and off campus to only essential trips such as going to work, the doctors, shopping etc., in order to minimize unnecessary exposure.

Another change in this season has been how we do intakes. Currently, the intake process requires new guests to be tested for COVID-19. They await their test results in a separate temporary shelter we have set up, before entering Providence Emergency Shelter.

All of these changes have been made while severely limiting the number of volunteers on campus. At one point, all volunteering was completely put on hold. Now, we are running with a third of our normal volunteers.

And it’s been tiring, for both staff and guests. We have had times where many staff were working remotely due to their own health risks. Other times where staff or guests have been quarantined due to exposures. But even with all of the schedule changes, increased overtime, and cross-shift working, our team has done an amazing job persevering through all of the challenges.

What to Expect This Winter Typically we have over 200 total guests on campus, over 100 in our Residential Programs over and 100 in our Emergency Shelters. Although our Residential capacity remains about the same, we have had to reduce the available beds in Providence Shelter to ensure safe spacing overnight from about 75 to 55.

Winter always presents its own challenges, so we anticipate this year will be no different. Women in our Providence Shelter have moved over to the shelter at St. Mary’s across the street, run by the Lancaster Food Hub. During their stay there they have full access to all of our services, including showers, food and staff support. Not only does having women shift to St. Mary’s enable us to free up additional beds for men, it will help us keep the shelter populations separate and limit the risk of spread.

Thank You We have been so encouraged by the support we have received this year. Without a community coming around us and our guests, we would not be able to keep our guests safe and continue to guide them in their restoration journeys. We truly couldn’t do what we do without you.

Jack Crowley