February 2018

Prayer Calendar

  1. Pray for the families of staff and volunteers. That they would be supportive of the work they do.
  2. Pray for a staff member who has a tumor behind her left eye. Pray for complete healing.
  3. Praise for the remodeling of the Sieber Hall lobby. We are excited to provide a warm and welcoming place for volunteer orientations.
  4. Pray for transformation and healing in our guests, residents, staff and volunteers.
  5. Pray for strong bonds to develop across campus that will be an example to our guests and community.
  6. Pray that severe winter weather doesn’t interfere with systems across campus.
  7. Pray for the men staying in the emergency shelter. Pray that God will be revealed to them and that vision begins to grow in their hearts.
  8. Pray for a staff member’s daughter who is starting her last year of college. Pray for perseverance to finish the year strong.
  9. Pray that a guest will have the desire to get her GED.
  10. Pray for a donor who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Pray for healing, peace and wisdom as they figure out next steps.
  11. Pray for staff who are working towards financial freedom. Pray that they will trust God.
  12. Praise that guests are opening up and taking down walls to experience God’s love through us.
  13. Praise for those recovering from addictions and mental illness. Pray for stability and strong, reliable relationships to help them stay free from their addictions.
  14. Pray for a staff member who is in the process of adopting a 1 year old girl. Pray for a quick and smooth process.
  15. Pray that community pastors will engage in presence ministry on campus.
  16. Praise for the Water Street guests who volunteered at community organizations over the holiday.
  17. Pray for the health of all the staff, volunteers, guests and residents.
  18. Pray for faith and trust as God leads us in new directions this year.
  19. Praise for a dental patient who got the job he interviewed for. Praise that he was able to see that prayer works.
  20. Praise for all the new staff members. Pray that they will feel comfortable and at peace working here.
  21. Pray for those who are stuck in fear. Pray that God’s courage will be experienced and they will be able to step out in faith and trust God’s plan.
  22. Pray for a staff member who is getting married at the end of the month. Pray for blessing over the marriage and God’s plan will be evident in their new life together.
  23. Praise for the commitment of dental teams volunteering their time in our dental clinic.
  24. Pray for staff’s family members who are struggling with addiction and abusive relationships. Pray for courage to take steps towards recovery and to leave the relationships.
  25. Pray that staff’s dreams and desires will be fulfilled in the New Year. Pray that they will trust God to open the right doors.
  26. Pray for a staff member’s spiritual healing and the journey God is taking them on.
  27. Pray for a staff member’s children that will realize the importance of yielding their lives to following Jesus.
  28. Pray for the children at Wonder Club. Pray that they will take what they are learning about Jesus and share it with their family.

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