April 2018

Prayer Calendar

  1. Pray for staff and residents who are mourning the loss of a friend. Pray that they will find comfort in community.
  2. Praise that Teen Haven was able to bless residents at a nursing home over Valentine’s Day. They were able to show love and Jesus to those feeling lonely.
  3. Pray that staff continue to shine God’s love on guests and residents.
  4. Pray for wisdom and guidance with helping residents and guests dealing with addiction.
  5. Praise for families who are reunited.
  6. Pray for former residents who are establishing themselves in their own homes. Pray that they will get connected to a church and find steadfast accountability partners.
  7. Pray for a Wonder Club student who needs stability in her life.
  8. Praise for the new Children’s Ministry Coach. Pray that they will have patience and wisdom helping the mom and kids who live at the mission.
  9. Praise that guests in CHOC are engaging more and opening up.
  10. Pray for staff dealing with sickness. Pray that wholeness will be restored to their bodies.
  11. Pray that guests and residents will realize their worth in God. Pray that they will have freedom from negative self-views and find purpose.
  12. Praise for the renovations happening on campus. Pray for safety and wisdom.
  13. Pray that staff and residents will be able to dream big.
  14. Pray for a staff member who is going through chemo. Pray for encouragement wisdom and energy.
  15. Praise for a guest who passed their GED test.
  16. Volunteers are a vital part of WSM. This week we are celebrating them. Pray that they feel extra love while they are on campus.
  17. Pray for marriages. Pray for renewed spirits and desire to love each other well.
  18. Pray for God’s continued protection of WSM.
  19. Praise for all the volunteers. Pray that their experience will help them take the next step in their discipleship journey.
  20. Pray for our Top Chefs event happening today. Pray that the right partners will be in the room and that God will move hearts to bless Water Street Health Services like never before.
  21. Pray that staff will be refreshed and not get burnt out.
  22. Praise for a partner who reads the Messenger and is encouraged by the stories which helps her deal with her life issues.
  23. Pray for success and wisdom in finding new staff for open positions.
  24. Pray for those feeling anxious. Pray for God’s peace to come over them and give God control of their situations.
  25. Praise for the men attending bible study. Pray for continued perseverance to open up and heal their wounds.
  26. Praise for the 10 guests who received Christ last month. Pray for continued restoration in their lives.
  27. Pray for a connection between Water Street Health Services and WellSpan doctors. Pray for a partnership that will benefit our guests and residents.
  28. Pray for guests who are seeking help with their addiction for the first time. Pray for wisdom and perseverance as they pursue restoration.
  29. Praise for the community at Water Street. Pray that guests, residents and staff will continue to encourage and engage one another.
  30. Pray for the Leadership Team as they decide how to use and implement the information they received from Best Christian Work Place survey and focus groups results.

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