February 2017

Prayer Calendar

  1. 1 Pray for all staff as they set out the organization’s strategic direction in each department for 2017. Pray that God would guide us and wise decisions would be made.
  2. Praise God for a church that has nearly reached its goal of paying off its debt, so they can give even more support to missions.
  3. Pray for a new program being implemented that will allow us to house more emergency shelter guests.
  4. Praise God for new staff who started this month.
  5. Pray that new staff will quickly learn the culture of WSM and share the love of the Lord.
  6. Pray for our staff during the flu season, many are sick and need to stay home.
  7. Praise for our new VP of Finance and Operations.
  8. Pray for our staff as they remember the guest and former guests who passed away within the last month.
  9. Prayer for just the right person for our open, part-time Administrative Assistant position in the Access Center.
  10. Praise for our volunteers and pray for them as they accept the call to serve.
  11. Pray for those who have moved out from the mission. Pray they will establish themselves in a welcoming and positive community.
  12. Pray for those struggling with addiction. Pray for perseverance and will power to fight for themselves.
  13. Pray for open hearts as we interact with our community on a daily basis.
  14. Proverbs 10:12, “Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses.”
  15. Pray for safe travels for staff and volunteers this winter.
  16. Praise for God’s perfect timing and making himself visible in our daily lives.
  17. Praise for 4 young men, at Teen Haven, that have accepted Jesus into their hearts and have stepped into the process of developing a greater relationship with Him.
  18. Pray for relationship building, pray for open, honest and trusting hearts.
  19. Praise for growing families and new family adventures.
  20. Pray for continued growth with our community partnerships.
  21. Pray for a 16 year old student who is a part of our Renew High School Girls Program. She’s been struggling with her faith and her identity in Christ. She has a difficult time believing that God is big enough for her problems and has also recently fractured her leg.
  22. Praise for accomplishing goals. Two young sisters who grew up in Teen Haven just bought a home. They are alumni from our the leadership program and have continued to serve God faithfully by serving in their local church and volunteer at Teen Haven multiple times a week even though they both work full-time.
  23. The Princess Experience is today! Pray for the 20 girls who will be participating in the event.
  24. Pray for our faithful volunteers as they undergo medical procedures. Pray for quick recoveries and minimal pain.
  25. Praise for our staff from all departments who invest their time and heart into the lives of our residents, students, children and volunteers.
  26. Pray for our country as we adjust to a new president. Pray for peace and humility.
  27. Praise that we live in a unique community that enjoys giving back and serving in their own community.
  28. Pray for our ambassador lunch happening today. Pray that we will continue building strong relationships with our ambassadors.

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