October 2017

Prayer Calendar

  1. Today 5 guests are getting baptized at a local church. Pray for the Holy Spirit to present and felt by the members during this time.
  2. Thank you to everyone who came to our awards banquet. Pray that those who didn’t know about us, will reach out and become engaged with us.
  3. Pray for an outreach volunteer who is having a quadruple bypass surgery today. Pray peace as he enters the hospital and pray over the doctors hands as they work on his heart.
  4. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Pray for the cancer patience and the doctors. Praise for the survivors and their continued health.
  5. Praise for two fundraisers that happened in September and the potential for more people to hear about the work we do here.
  6. Pray that God will provide a new screen and projector for our chapel.
  7. Pray for a staff member’s friend who is in hospice with cancer. She has a husband and 3 kids. Pray that the God of all comfort would be with them and for miraculous healing (because that’s would it would take) for her if it would be His will.
  8. The Enrichment Center Team is celebrating with one of our female residents who obtained her GED. She was tutored weekly by a faithful volunteer throughout the process.
  9. Pray for grace to deal with very complicated guests and wisdom to know how best to help them here and where to refer them when we don’t have the resources.
  10. Pray that the Lord would open up more and more partnerships with Christian businesses who have a heart for hurting people – especially regarding housing and employment.
  11. Pray that we could have more and more success in changing hearts (God’s job) so that healing can help create more and more permanency in folks holding jobs and apartments.
  12. Pray for a staff member and his wife who are fostering children. Pray that God’s love will shine through them as they care for the children put into their care whether for a short or long amount of time. Pray that they will feel God’s love as they deal with children suddenly leaving their care, pray for comfort and reassurance that they are doing what God has called them to do.
  13. Pray for everyone effected by the recent Hurricanes. Pray for patience, wisdom and comfort.
  14. Pray for the upcoming movie premier of Same Kind Of different As Me. Pray that the people who see this movie will be touched to live more relational than transactional.
  15. Praise for the new Welcome Home Baskets that are being given out to residents who are moving into their own place! What a great way to celebrate and to continue to show them God’s love.
  16. Praise for our committed volunteers that help care for our patients in the dental clinic.
  17. Pray for wisdom in our planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas at WSM. That we would serve our guests well and that we would point them to Christ as the one who can meet all their needs.
  18. Pray for the red carpet event happening today. Pray that God will place people in the theaters who need to see the message of hope shared through Same Kind of Different As Me.
  19. Pray for our nation and leaders.
  20. Praise for teachers, professors and mentors. Praise for their servant hearts and their ability to teach and guide their students.
  21. Pray for families. Pray that broken relationships will be restored.
  22. Pray for health and strong immune systems as we enter cold and flu season.
  23. Pray for all the new hires. Pray that they will feel welcomed and find their groove here at Water Street.
  24. Pray for all the people struggling to get motivated to make a change in their life. Pray for the right person to come along and give them a little bit of tough love and encouragement.
  25. Pray for all the drives starting this holiday season.
  26. Pray for the recovery process across the world in the areas that have been devastated by natural disasters.
  27. Pray for our community. We are so blessed to live in such a generous community.
  28. Pray for our business partner, Community Aid. Pray for success over their business. We are thankful for their partnership and their heart for bettering their community.
  29. Pray for emergency responders.
  30. Praise for our Lancaster county farms. We are thankful that we live in an area where fresh food is in abundance. We are thankful for all the farmers who donate their produce.
  31. Pray for safety as the kids go trick-or-treating.

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