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Water Street Health Services offers the working poor and people who are homeless in Lancaster County free medical and dental services. There are a few qualifications to be served, like living at 100% or 200% of the poverty level. That ensures that people who need medical and dental help the most get it—and it’s quality care.


Medical & Dental Visits


Smiles Repaired

  • The Renewal of Louisa

    Louisa came to Water Street after a tragedy in her life left her without a place to live. She was paired with a Life Coach and a Case Manager, and the three worked as a team to discover a few key medical needs in Louisa’s life. She gained free access to doctors, nurses, dental hygienists and behavioral health specialists to help manage her depression, diabetes and oral health. Her medical visits were more than she expected. “You could have the greatest doctors in the world, but because everything is so professional they can’t go beyond it [and pray with a patient].

    When you are going through something, you need the spiritual,” said Louisa. She relates praying with the medical, dental and behavioral healthcare staff at Water Street to her progress.

  • The Renewal of Deborah

    Deborah arrived at Water Street after a long battle with depression. “I found that I was just not myself anymore. My pride kept me from admitting that I needed help,” she said. After taking a cocktail of prescription drugs in an attempt to end her life, Deborah woke up in a hospital bed a week later. She realized her life wasn’t meant to end. With nowhere else to go, she took a cab to Water Street Mission.

    Deborah received dental, medical, and behavioral health care while at the Mission. She was able to become physically and spiritually well—and because of her renewal she was able to move into her own apartment and got connected with a local church where she volunteers regularly. Life is meant to be lived, and Deborah is living it!

  • The Renewal of a Couple

    Kim and Mark came to Water Street as a last option. Medical challenges and lost wages caused the married couple to lose their home. “When we came to Water Street I was embarrassed,” explained Mark. “I felt hopeless.” “Our lives felt like scrambled eggs. Everything was out of control,” describes Kim. The medical staff and volunteers at Water Street Health Services provided the quality care needed to enable physical and mental healing. The couple was connected to one of the Mission’s partners, Tabor Community Services, and walked through the steps of the Rapid Re-Housing Program.

    Today Mark and Kim are settled in their new home, and hope to one day pay it forward to others who find themselves in a similar season of homelessness.

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