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We can help you plan how to direct your financial assets for the future.

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Investing Beyond Today

Planning how to direct your financial assets for the future? Planned giving enables you to begin preparing for the future and ensuring your financial assets will be allocated to carry out good works for generations to come. 

Every year, planned giving assets not only support the work that we are doing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, they also play a part in ensuring Water Street’s Christ-centered ministries will continue for the long term.

One of the best first steps is to create a will that reflects your long-term goals.  We have some easy to use resources that can help.

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Advice From A Local Expert

Start your planned giving journey with Rick Rodgers, financial expert of Rodgers & Associates

What is Planned Giving?

Looking to explore Planned Giving? Start this deep dive with Rick Rodgers, of Rodgers & Associates, on how Planned Giving can open doorways. He’ll help you ensure your funds go farther for organizations like Water Street Mission and in your own future. 

Make QCDs Work for You

Lancaster has been receiving many accolades recently, as a top place to travel and live. Even still, we need to stop and make sure all our neighbors are participating in that success. One way to do that is through Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs). Here’s your guide to QCDs, from Rick Rodgers of Rodgers & Associates, so you can be sure funds from your IRA, make the fullest impact.

Leave a Legacy that Lasts

Did you know, 70% of wealth in Lancaster County never makes it past the second generation? Rick Rodgers of Rodgers & Associates explains what it means to leave a legacy, and how to make sure your family has the best chance at a successful wealth transfer. Take a look at his advice here, to help build a legacy that will span generations to come.

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