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By giving your time, you help transform lives! 

Individual and Group Opportunities

By volunteering your time, you can help other individuals on their healing journeys. 

Off-Campus Opportunities

Can’t make it to campus, but would still like to make an impact? Volunteer from the convenience of your location!

Healthcare Opportunities​

Specialized healthcare workers make life-changing care possible. Use your talents to help bring restoration.

How it Works

Transforming Lives

Whether you are serving a meal, mopping a floor, caring for the children on campus, or helping someone study for their GED, your actions communicate love and uphold the value and dignity of each life. 

If you’re not quite sure where you’d fit, we encourage you to narrow down your options by answering the questions in the link above. Once you’re ready to get started, sign up to volunteer by logging in or creating a new account.


Water Street Mission
"God has given us so much, volunteering at Water Street is our way of giving back. We are all family!"
WSM Volunteer

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