What We Do

We provide marginalized members of our
community, those experiencing homelessness
or poverty, with the tools they need to build a hope-filled future.

Emergency Shelter

What starts with a meal and a safe place to sleep draws guests of Providence Emergency Shelter into deeper community, helping connect guests to life-changing services that will help them through their time of homelessness. 

Residential Programs

Guests who choose to enter into a deeper restorative process begin in our Residential Program. Here each guest receives individualized counseling and coaching, and a unique action plan and course load, all serving to help them reimagine and redefine their future.

Health Services

Through our medical, dental, and behavioral health counseling practices we give patients the tools they need to overcome major health obstacles and pursue their life goals.

Wonder Academy

Through Wonder Academy we provide a safe place for children to grow, learn and play, building a firm foundation for their future.

Outreach Center

In the Outreach Center, our community food bank, we provide weekly groceries to thousands of members of our community, helping families bridge the gap between living expenses and paying rent.

Teen Haven

In a foundational time of life, Teen Haven sets Middle School and High School students on a path of restoration so their identity is based not in what the world says of them, but on God’s love. This firm foundation carries teens through the ups and downs of life, and into roles of leadership and purpose in our community. 

Each story and journey is unique. With that in mind, we take an individualized approach to care for each one.

Want to learn more about what caring for the one looks like? Take a look at Kevin's journey, and see how our services come together to address his individual needs.

What Guests Say

"When I came here, I had a dollar in my pocket and a bag of clothes and that was it. Basically, Water Street saved my life."
John H.
Resident in 2020

Providing Solid Roots from a Young Age

Teens and Children

Wonder Club Early Learning Center

Early intervention through Pre-K and Kindergarten classes meet kids at a  critical time when students’ first interact with education and, in many cases, first learn of Jesus’s love for them. We invest in early childhood education, particularly for low-income families, to give kids the best start in life. 

Teen Haven

Through our Teen mentoring program, middle school and high school boys and girls find a safe haven, where they can have fun and build relationships through creative activities. Our teens learn about their incredible God-given worth and uniqueness through weekly bible studies and worship.

The Impact of Teen Haven

A junior on the football team, Josiah didn't know who to turn to when he dealt with anxiety, and found himself lashing out at his coaches. Building a strong relationship with Pastor Jose helped him let his guard down enough to share openly about the challenges in his life. Now he brings a positive energy to the other young men on his team.
-Nina Maldonado
Teen Haven Staff Member
8-17-2020 water-street-027

Join the movement


We serve over 300 meals a day. Not to mention providing groceries to thousands of individuals in our community a month. And its through the hard work of staff and volunteers that we reach vulnerable members of our community. You can get a first-hand experience of our food services and a glimpse into how we create a healing environment through volunteering.

How it all works...

Common Q&As

We accept food and everyday essentials at our main campus dock. CommunityAid accepts all clothing donations on our behalf. To find more information on suggested donation items visit our Donate Goods page. 

Call 2-1-1 to get connected to resources in our community, including Water Street.

Create an account in our Volunteer Hub to find available hours and ways to get involved volunteering. More information is available if you visit our Volunteer page. 

Donation Hotline:

(717) 393-7709