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Season 1 of the Restorers Podcast

The first season of Restorers focuses on interviews with local experts who share stories, important facts, and deep insights into homelessness and poverty in Lancaster. Subscribe today through your preferred platform!

1. Welcoming Those in Need Through Our Doors

When individuals and families come in off the street, there’s a world behind them and a world ahead….

2. The Importance of Connection

Connection and relationships often play a key part in both how people fall into homelessness, and in how to help them journey out of it.

3. The Process of Stabilization

Stabilization is the process of gradually helping someone who is in a state of high alert and panic, to come down and recognize they are in a safe place. 

4. Rethinking Emergency Shelter

Typically emergency shelter consists of inviting someone in during the afternoon, giving them a place to stay and a meal, and then releasing them back on the streets the following morning.  We examine this model and how some missions, including ours, are changing to create greater healing.

5. Exploring The Roots Of Homelessness and Introducing Our Whole Person Model

What can lead people to be on the street varies from person to person. It can be as personal as a lack of relational equity or encountering a major health event, or it could be more systemic, such as the inability to find affordable housing or clear an eviction record. 

6. Physical Health and Homelessness

It’s clear that physical health and homelessness are linked, but how exactly do they interact? For many, a bad accident or injury can catapult someone into a world of homelessness, and for others, dealing with ongoing poverty and lack of resources can lead to declining health problems. 

7. The Affordable Housing Problem And Its Ties To Homelessness

In this episode of the Restorers Podcast, we take a closer look at housing!  Of course, when you think of homelessness, it’s natural to think of lack of housing. But what is it actually like to try to get an apartment, while you’re experiencing homelessness?

8. The Complications of Career For Those Experiencing Poverty and Homelessness

This month’s podcast episode hits another hot button topic: Homelessness and jobs! We hear it a lot, “why don’t they just get a job?” If only it were so simple!

9. The Significance Of Community Supports For Those Experiencing Homelessness

We all know how it feels to be alone and conversely, to be connected.  In this episode we examine the struggles of going at it alone and the importance of a supportive community.

10. Life Skills & Finance

Life Skills include many topics, like cooking and maintaining a house, balancing your checkbook, or navigating transportation. In this episode, we’ll look more deeply at one key life skill: Finances.

11. Spiritual Health and Homelessness

Many have preconceived notions of what chapel or spiritual care looks like at missions across the country. At the end of the day, the reality is quite different.  We are opening up space for hope, healing, and exploration of what a transformation relationship with Christ may look like. 

12. FAQ’s

For our final episode of season 1, we decided to change up our routine, and address some of your frequently asked questions!

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