Welcome To Water Street Health Services

Free medical clinic

Water Street Health Services provides a free medical clinic designed for local men and women who both meet income requirements and don’t already have a healthcare home. Our free medical clinic’s staff is here to help meet medical needs by offering everything provided at a local doctor’s office.

We will help you take all the steps you need to get your health back on track, from regular check-ups to free medication and even onsite lab testing.  All patients are evaluated based on income, insurance, and needs, before a personalized medical plan is created to help you live your healthiest life! 

Our approach to medical care

More than anything we aim to be a relational, top-notch medical facility that puts the individual patient first. That means giving you as much time as you need with a doctor. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable and take plenty of time to discuss your medical history with a doctor so we can best support you.

Our aim is that each patient feels fully cared for and treated as an individual. We never want you to feel like just another number or just another patient at our free medical clinic, but rather a vital member of our Water Street community.

Can anyone go to the free medical clinic?

You don’t have to be a guest of Water Street Mission to receive services from our free medical clinic.

Qualified patients meet the following criteria:

  1. Members of the community with low to no income,
  2. Lancaster County residents,
  3. and 18 years or older

are eligible to receive medical services at Water Street Health Services’ free medical clinic. Eligibility means your income must be 250% of the federal poverty line or below.

Additionally, guests of Water Street Mission (either staying in Providence Emergency Shelter or our Residential Program) will be eligible for medical services at our free medical clinic if they meet income requirements and are not connected to a primary care physician.

What services does our medical clinic provide?

Water Street Health Services offers primary care medical services at our free medical clinic. These services include the following appointments and procedures:

  • Doctor visits
  • Nurse visits
  • Adult vaccines
  • Health screenings
  • Lab testing
  • Medication for uninsured patients
  • Expanded access to medical supplies

Charlene's Testimony

Finding a health haven


How you should prepare for your upcoming visit

All patients must register with all necessary paperwork at the time of registration to be seen in the free medical clinic.

Here are some of the documents needed:

Proof of income (if applicable)

  1. Last Three Paycheck stubs
  2. Social Security statement of benefits (awards letters)
  3. Unemployment statement of benefits

Front desk staff will give you an application to complete. If you’re not able to fill them all out right away, that’s ok! We will give you a follow-up appointment date when you can get all your information in.

Registration by appointment is preferred but not required. Please call (717-358-2017, extension 3).

Once all documents are received, you’ll be able to make your appointment. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. (Note: Patients must notify Water Street Health Services 24 hours in advance if an appointment needs to be canceled.)