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Hosting a drive is a great way to get your community together, and lift up ours! 

Let's get started!

5 Easy Steps to Host a Drive

Step 1. Pick a Drive

Decide what kind of drive you’d like to host. You might consider choosing items from:
Host a Drive

Step 2. Register Your Drive

Let us know you are planning a drive! Click the Register My Drive button to answer a few short questions about your organization and your upcoming donation drive.

Step 3. Promote Your Drive

Organize, promote, and hold your donation drive event! Need some printable materials to get the word out? Click the Download Toolkit button for customizable, printable flyers.

Step 4. Coordinate Drop Off

We would love to coordinate a drop off date and time with you so we can thank you in person! Please contact Steve Kleckner to schedule your donation drop-off by our Receiving Dock, accessible from South Water Street.

Email or call 717-358-2023.

Step 5. Thank Your Supporters

…and we will post and send our thanks on social media as well!


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Next Steps

Ready to get started?

If you have any questions, please contact or call (717) 358-2023 for more information about hosting a donation drive. 

For questions regarding financial donations please contact or call (717) 358-2028. 

Looking to donate?

Find out some of our donation needs and more ways to give today.