Love Your Neighbor

You don’t have to go far to help. Give locally to those in need this summer!

Meeting Summer Needs

Uplift Our Community

Summer is often a time where see an increase in need for our services, as people come through our doors looking for refuge from the heat on the streets.  At the same time, donations tend to drop.

That’s why there’s honestly not a better time to jump on board and be a loving friend to the most vulnerable in our community!

Through our Love Your Neighbor summer campaign, you will be a part of life-change that takes place right here in Lancaster this summer! Help us get going!



Provides one meal for a man, woman or child and a pathway into restoration.


Provides food, shelter and life-giving care for one of our guests.


Provides a free medical visit to one at-risk individual for a new sense of hope. 

"When I came here, I had no hope for the future. I was ready to give up...They’ve changed all that. I can honestly say I’m in a better place now than I have probably ever been in my life."
Billie, WSM Guest
Changing Lives.

Your donation is much more than money. Thank you for supporting our mission and giving back to the community.