This summer, offer neighbors experiencing homelessness hope and healing.

You see our neighbors suffering on the street during summer. Do you give them money? Do you just pass them by? What can you do that offers real help?

People experiencing homelessness are especially vulnerable in the summer months as temperatures rise.

You can change that!

We’re offering you a FREE GUIDE with practical ways to help
people experiencing homelessness this summer.

By giving a gift right now, you’ll help bring in our neighbors off the hot streets and into our cooling center. Every $2.59 you give will provide a meal and life-saving care for someone struggling to get by right now.

Here’s how to make sure you’re prepared to really help:

  1. Get your free guide now – “How to Help Our Neighbors Experiencing Homelessness This Summer” – and add a note of encouragement for our neighbors who really need to know someone cares about them.
  2. Please give your most generous gift to provide a safe refuge and help through our Whole-Person approach to restoration for neighbors at Water Street!
Get your free guide!