8 Things to Know about Water Street Mission’s Emergency Shelter

For many individuals struggling with homelessness, a hot meal and a safe place to sleep are the first steps to finding a better path forward. At Water Street Mission, we believe in supporting men and women experiencing homelessness in our community by equipping them with the tools and mindsets that will help them grow and achieve their goals.

If you’re unfamiliar with our emergency shelter, here are 8 things you should know!

Right in your neighborhood

Water Street Mission serves Lancaster and neighbors who are experiencing homelessness. But when we say “neighborhood” that doesn’t just mean Lancaster city, in fact, approximately 60% of our guests come from Lancaster’s surrounding counties.

More than a meal and shelter

If you are experiencing homelessness, we can offer you a hot meal, and a safe place to stay, but we want you to know that we are much more than a meal and shelter. Here, you’ll have access to many resources and staff who want to help you take that next step in the right direction.

Each Guest is an Individual

Every person’s story is unique. We want to get to know yours, and care for you as the unique person God made you. When you come to Water Street Mission, we want to take the time to hear from you and find out what YOU need. How can we best help you meet your goals?

Loving Conduct over Strict Rules

Like any shelter, Water Street Mission has rules. But just as the old saying goes, our guiding principle is often “No Law but Love, no Creed but Christ.” What that means is we know from time to time our rules don’t cover certain circumstances. We take time to pray and review, so we can use wisdom, and make fair decisions to the best of our ability. 

Dignity in Relationships

Truly, we are all about community. Just as we want our facilities to be well designed, we put just as much thought into how we can care for you one-on-one! Our staff want to get to know you, and help you meet your goals in whatever way they can. You’ll get your own Life Coach, and work with Case managers who will help you make sure you have what you need during this time. 

Dignity in Design

Made in God’s image, we believe each person has inherent dignity and value, loved by an awesome creator God. God believes in you, and so do we. Which is why we designed our facilities to be hope-filled and welcoming. Our Emergency shelter was created to meet high standards of hospitality, and we hope you know that we are constantly thinking about how to make you feel safe and cared for.  

Special Features

Providence Emergency shelter has several special features that help give guests peace of mind during their stay. Each guest has access to a lock box, where they can charge devices without worry. We have two Respite Rooms, which allow guests with 3rd or late night shifts to have a space to wind-down without disturbing other sleeping guests. We also have improved lighting, air flow, and much more space between beds so guests have more elbow room. 

Loved by our Community

We are surrounded by so many in our community who are praying and rooting for men and women struggling with homelessness! Providence Emergency Shelter was made with the support of the Lancaster community, and the many organizations, businesses, and individuals who want to show how much they care! 

Interested in our Emergency Shelter for you or someone you know? Contact us today to learn more!