A Letter Regarding Water Street’s Participation in ExtraGive

Dear Friends, As you know, each fall since 2012, Water Street has participated in a community-wide event called the ExtraGive, sponsored by the Lancaster County Community Foundation (LCCF). The event itself has been a great day to celebrate the work of the various non-profit organizations working to benefit our community and the amazing generosity of […]

A Monthly Hero Profile: Keith Shetter

How did you become interested/connected to Water Street Mission? I did not know the depth of the work at Water Street Mission until after I became part of the ministry. Like many people, I was aware Water Street provided meals and a place to sleep, but that is only the tip of the iceberg, as […]

An Update From Max

Max has already shared many ways his time at Water Street Mission has changed and impacted him. But now, he has some exciting news. Max has paid down $39,000 in debt! He’s working to transition out of the Residential program and looking for a new home. He can do all that because he’s finally on […]

The Day Shelter Renovated

Like many missions, Water Street Mission offers overnight emergency shelter to men, women, and children in the community. We also offer Residential Living, for guests looking to delve deeper into restorative programs. But did you know, one unique feature of Water Street Mission, is our Day Shelter? Providence Day Shelter operates in conjunction with our […]

A Monthly Hero Profile: Bill and Kim Penn

How did you become interested/connected to Water Street Mission? We had heard from family and friends about how Water Street was truly a mission that made a difference in the community. Not only do they provide emergency shelter, feed the hungry, offer a health clinic, but they also provide a mentoring program for teens and […]

Mr. Lee’s Corner

Mr. Lee’s Corner is a collection of cute, funny, and unexpected stories written by Wonder Club Kindergarten Teacher Mr. Lee!   September 2022 By Lee Bradley September 28th, 2022 A picture is worth a thousand words… Spelling Gone Wrong By Lee Bradley September 28th, 2022 I hear the voice of my friend, Charles W. Lyons, when […]

What If I Am?

by Ryan Trask, Life Coach at Water Street Mission “God rescued us from dead-end alleys and dark dungeons. He’s set us up in the kingdom of the Son he loves so much, the son who got us out of the pit we were in, got rid of the sins we were doomed to keep repeating.” […]

One Messy Valentine’s Day

One Messy Valentine’s Day By Amy Bartholomew A very warm HELLO to you!! Can you believe we are already done with January of 2022?! Hold on tight – this year is off to a running start! With February already at our doorsteps, I thought it might be interesting to dig into who (Saint) Valentine was, […]

Rescue Mission Food Drive 2021 Collects Over 90,000 lbs. of Food!

What is there to say when you ask for 70,000 lbs. of food, and receive over 94,000 lbs.? Abundance. Especially in tough times, it can be hard to focus on the fact that God promises to be a God of abundance. But then, all of a sudden, we get these beautiful reminders of God’s provision, […]

The 2021 Isaiah 61 Awards Celebration

The reason why Lancaster is such a great place to live, is ultimately, because of the people! And each year, we get to celebrate just 4 of them, each one going above and beyond to make a difference in our community. Through the Isaiah 61 Awards Celebration, we honor men and women serving those who […]