A Monthly Hero Profile: Keith Shetter

How did you become interested/connected to Water Street Mission?

I did not know the depth of the work at Water Street Mission until after I became part of the ministry. Like many people, I was aware Water Street provided meals and a place to sleep, but that is only the tip of the iceberg, as the real work is being done far beyond those rather superficial things at the heart of the individual. That is what truly spoke to me.

What excites you the most about our work?

The personal approach to the ministry, as it is apparent each guest is valued and cared for at Water Street Mission.

What made you want to support us financially?

Not to be cliché but putting your money where your mouth is. If I am to encourage others to support the Lord’s work at WSM I need to be willing to do it myself. To look at it from a biblical perspective “for where your treasure lies there your heart will be also.” It is an eternal investment.

How has your giving changed over time?

I don’t know that it has…. I would say the consistency of tithing monthly helps me to know I am dependable. The mission can count on my support.

Why did you decide to become a Monthly Hero?

In initiating a monthly giving idea at WSM I believed the best way to lead is by example so I became a faithful supporter of the mission each month

Can you tell us about a time you’ve encouraged others to become connected with us?

When someone comes to the mission and I offer them an opportunity to see firsthand the good works taking place. While on the tour of campus they will inevitably say “ I had no idea Water Street provided all this.” At this point, there is a real connection. From this moment they are no longer a donor, they are Water Street as we like to say. Their heart is now part of each gift going forward.