Determined To Change

John came to Water Street thinking he would get in, get what he needed, and get out. “My plan at the time was I’ll go, get warm, get some food, get a job, and go back to what I was doing.” Little did he know it would turn into so much more.

At a young age, John’s family looked normal from the outside. His father ran a paint company and they were well off. But life inside his house told a different story. He faced sexual abuse by his father, and if that wasn’t hard enough, John went through a fatal car accident in high school which killed his best friend. At 16, John tried cocaine for the first time. “I was in love from day one,” he describes. From there his battle with drug addiction began, going to rehab five times, and struggling to stay clean.

John came to Water Street looking for a quick fix. Now he’s determined to see life change that lasts.

One day, when his housing situation fell apart, John was approached by the police for living in his car. He reluctantly agreed to give Water Street a try. “My plan wasn’t good but if it wouldn’t have been for the police officer suggesting it, I would have never ended up here.”

Being at Water Street led John one day to chapel, and after that onto the chapel stage. “They say God put me on stage. I didn’t do it. I don’t remember walking up there. It was time,” he explains. John gave his life over to Christ in that moment, and felt a wave of grace and relief suddenly flow over him. “I spent thousands of dollars on rehabs and medications, psychiatrists and all this stuff and I’m thinking, it was that easy.”

From there John says, “I really turned myself into the program.” Since coming to Water Street he has found the space and support to work through his pain, finding trauma counselors and classes that help him through those feeling of shame and guilt that plagued his past.

He has always been a hard worker, putting in the time and effort, and now that same dedication he is putting back into his own restoration. Even COVID-19 hasn’t knocked him off course. “I haven’t stopped” he says. “You got to apply yourself and put yourself into it. Every day I get better. It’s been amazing.” John came to Water Street looking for a quick fix. Now he’s determined to see life change that lasts.

Thanks to support from people like you, John and other Water Street guests are still determined, working hard, and growing each day! Thank you!