Driving up in electric wheelchair full of groceries, a man wounded during the attacks on 911 knows how important it is to give back, saying “I’ve been blessed by others, now I want share what I have.”

A young girl picked out food for our guests after learning for the first time how so many will struggle to know where their next meal is coming from over the holidays.

These are just a few of the stories we got to hear during Stuff-A-Buggy, an event sponsored by WLAN iHeartRadio and Giant. Each person’s heart for giving will help us prepare for some of the busiest days of the year. On Thanksgiving, Water Street is prepared to feed over 500 people. In our community, we are giving out over 600 Thanksgiving boxes to families who need a helping hand. But even beyond the holidays, we prepare and serve hundreds of meals to men and women experiencing homelessness each day and provide groceries to those in our community who can’t afford to buy their own.

Knowing how preparing meals is a big part of our mission, WLAN iHeartRadio created Stuff-A-Buggy, parking a classic Amish Buggy right outside the Giant on Lititz Pike. And the outpouring of support and food was amazing! Even though it was a busy Saturday afternoon with so many families and people running around to get their errands done before Thanksgiving week, we saw countless Giant customers stop and take the time to buy and donate a little extra food.

A big Thank you to Giant, iHeartRadio and all the people who came and donated to the Stuff-A-Buggy Campaign.

Seeing that buggy filled front to back with food is an amazing reminder of what we can do together as a community—not just to fight hunger—but to help each man, woman and child in our community know they are loved and cared for this holiday season.