Refugees at Water Street Health Services
refugees at water street

“Before the war we were living the retired life,” Volodymyr and Maria say. Going to museums and church, spending time in the garden. This was their life before the war in Ukraine broke out. 

Like many, they tried to survive in their war-torn home. But when a rocket suddenly came straight at their window, only diverting at the very last second, they realized they couldn’t stay. “The next morning under heavy shelling, we left,” Volodymyr says. 

As they fled for Poland and then the United States, the stress and trauma of the events took their toll. In hurrying out of the country, Maria suffered a leg injury, and Volodymyr had a severe heart attack. They needed treatment fast. 

“Who knows where we would have been treated if not for this clinic.” 

– Volodymyr, Water Street Health Services Patient 

With the help of their family, Volodymyr and Maria arrived safely in Lancaster, where they quickly made a trip to Water Street Health Services.  They could barely walk on their own when they entered our health clinic for the first time. 

Once here, Volodymyr and Maria didn’t have to worry about whether they had insurance or whether they would be able to afford treatment and medications. They were simply seen by a volunteer doctor and even went home with the prescriptions they needed that very same day. 

Today, they are in a much safer place. In fact, Volodymyr now walks several miles a day, and Maria spends quality time with her grandchildren. “Who knows where we would have been treated if not for this clinic,” Volodymyr says. “We were practically strangers when we came to America.” 

We are so grateful for the many supporters of Water Street Mission who also help us provide critical health care to men and women who don’t have insurance or a way to afford medical care. Thank you for all the ways you partner with us and show your care for Lancastrians and “strangers” like Volodymyr and Maria.  


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