Reverberate 2021

Check your feed. Odds are that if I ask you to find something supporting unity and love you’d have to scroll through a good deal of negativity before you found something relevant. During a time when our country has been overwhelmed with division, fear, worry, hate and exhaustion – especially with all things pandemic – ensuring an event happened in person this year was more important than ever.

The Lord tells us that where two or three are gathered in His name that He is there (Matt. 18:20) and we know that God inhabits the praises of His people. (Psalms 22:3) Therefore, we knew that if we planned it and invited people that God would do the rest. We know that God wants there to be unity among His people. He also deserves and desires worship, glory, honor and praise- when we come together to do that as one body of Christ then the Lord will certainly show up.

With all this in mind we aimed to pull Lancaster County together again – united in worship across denominations, worship styles, ages, races, and ethnicities at the 3rd Annual Reverberate event which took place on Tuesday, September 14th in Long’s Park. Believers from across the county gathered in Long’s Park to praise God, and celebrate how He moved in churches and through individuals over the last year.

More than 1,000 people came to hear testimonies of neighborly love from around the community and to worship with the diverse set of worship bands represented that evening. Four worship bands, the Worship Center, Journey Church, Community United Methodist and Ministerios Peniel Internacional, played music filled with words of joy, hope and gratitude for all the Lord has done and for His love for His children.

This year the evening’s theme focused on loving one’s neighbor. In between worship groups the crowd heard from three individuals from the community who shared personal stories of how loving their neighbor impacted others, their community and themselves.

Stories of the body of Christ coming together – bit by bit to make a big difference – brought life and encouragement to the evening. Among the worshippers one could find all ages, races, and worship styles from flags flying and dancing to those sitting relaxing and humming along.

It was a welcoming environment to all that passed by – some who even decided to stay and join in. That night, a large family heard the music, stopped by and decided to hang out. They hadn’t gone to church in quite some time but felt like God had renewed something in them and they decided to try going to one of the churches represented there that night.

A few of the churches playing said how much being a part of the event rejuvenated their worship team and how grateful they were to be included this year. Many other families and attendees of the event shared how life-giving and encouraging the evening was for them.

Water Street Mission and its fellow presenters, look forward to having the event at Long’s Park again next year!