Rescue Mission Food Drive brings in over 90,000 lbs. of food for Water Street Mission

When Uncle Leroy of Uncle Leroy’s Candy Kitchen came to Water Street Mission’s loading dock on Thanksgiving Day 2022 with donated cookies and goodies in hand, Chef Terence Reed (Chef T) was beside himself.  “I fanned out. I acted like Michael Jackson had pulled up on the dock,” Chef T reminisced. “The level of excitement […]

Reverberate 2021

Check your feed. Odds are that if I ask you to find something supporting unity and love you’d have to scroll through a good deal of negativity before you found something relevant. During a time when our country has been overwhelmed with division, fear, worry, hate and exhaustion – especially with all things pandemic – […]

What To Know About Our Lancaster Food Bank

Hello to all our local Water Street Mission neighbors!  Did you know, Water Street Mission has a local food bank for Lancaster County residents? It’s called the Outreach Center, and it gives out groceries 3 days a week to local neighbors.  We can help you meet the bills, and check off the must-have items from […]

8 Things to Know about Water Street Mission’s Emergency Shelter

For many individuals struggling with homelessness, a hot meal and a safe place to sleep are the first steps to finding a better path forward. At Water Street Mission, we believe in supporting men and women experiencing homelessness in our community by equipping them with the tools and mindsets that will help them grow and […]

Reverberate 2021 – Neighborly Love

There’s so much to celebrate! Visit It’s been 17 months since the world turned upside down and uncertainty painted our lives. Seventeen months of changing guidelines, virtual events, and the complete restructuring of life as we knew it. Seventeen months of missing family and friends, settling for virtual meetups, and canceling plans. And yet, […]

Restored to Be Restorers: Food Bank Recipients Giving Back

Our community food bank, also known as the Outreach Center, has been hard at work, sorting, boxing up and giving out food goods to our community. And while so many are in need of help with groceries each week, the heart of the Outreach Center is about much more. To Bola, one of our most […]

Lancaster Responds to the Need for Food

…we received 80,355 lbs. of food! That weighs more than 26 cars combined! Just last year, we put out a call throughout the county for our Rescue Mission Food Drive. And over the next few weeks and months, what we saw was incredible. Individuals, families, businesses, and churches showed up, delivering mountains of food to […]

Reverberate 2020

“The harder it seems like the enemy hits, the greater the church becomes.” Rev. John A. Knight | Brightside Baptist Church God showed up Tuesday night across Lancaster county! With close to 1000 people in about 30 locations, the pandemic didn’t stop our community from coming together as one church body, united in praising God. […]


Driving up in electric wheelchair full of groceries, a man wounded during the attacks on 911 knows how important it is to give back, saying “I’ve been blessed by others, now I want share what I have.” A young girl picked out food for our guests after learning for the first time how so many […]